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Ten Questions with Chanda DeMasters, UNL Extension Assistant


Dave Faries

Chanda DeMasters can be found organizing many of the youth related activities around Cheyenne and Kimball Counties. If not directly responsible for them, the UNL Extension representative works alongside members of 4-H to help bring about successful projects, such as the fair or farm safety day. Although a Sidney resident for the past 16 years, you can still find traces of her Colorado upbringing--and her years in 4-H.

1. What drew you to this?

The youth. I grew up in 4-H. I enjoy all the 4-H projects and working with the kids.

2. Why 4-H?

It teaches life skills--skills that they carry with them into adulthood.

3. What does the extension office do for 4-H?

We host after school workshops. Our big item is the county fair--both Cheyenne and Kimball Counties. We are working with Cool Kids Club. We are trying to get involved with schools more.

4. Is it difficult working mostly with kids?

No. You have to have the right frame of mind. It's all about teaching them.

5. Which events do you look forward to?

Probably farm safety day is my favorite. You get out of the office, you meet new people and you're around kids, but their teachers are here.

6. But at the end of the day, are you tired of it all?

No. This is fun for me. And their teachers handle discipline. I'm just the host.

7. Don't most panhandle kids learn safety on the farm?

They don't, not all of them. And it's really safety day, not all directly related to the farm. We teach sun safety, seat belt safety.

8. Some of us spend all day in the sun without sun block, you know.

Well, they'll get fried.

9. You're from Colorado. That means you're not a Huskers fan.

I'm not a Huskers fan. Never will be.

10. But you are a Broncos fan. You could be rooting for America's team, you know.

My sister lives in Texas. They are Cowboys fans.


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