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By Pastor Jim Gerhold
Christian Life Center 

Christmas Eve in No Man's Land


It was Christmas Eve in “No man’s land!” “No Man’s Land” is a phrase used for turf that hasn’t been taken over by an opposing army or troupe. It is usually deemed necessary to be occupied by those in authority in order to keep the enemy away from your own camp or headquarter’s tent. The time was World War I. A most unusual and wonderful thing happened on a battlefield where no one had taken control. Battle weary men in their trenches began to sing: “Silent Night, Holy Night, All is calm, all is bright.” As they concluded their harmonious song, the enemy from the opposite side began to sing: “O little town of Bethlehem, how still we see thee lie.” Both sides enjoyed Christmas Eve together as they had something very special in common.

For an instant, enemies were comrades, cannons ceased their loud booming and there was a peace that filled the air, as it brought two opposing sides together. The “Wonder of Christmas” had brought a well-welcomed peace to a desolate, cruel and “battle to the death” war zone. The day before and the day after, men lost and would lose their lives in combat and fierce battle. Each man would have one evening to think about family and friends back home before refocusing back on an endless war. As the sun came the battle would rage on, but tonight there was peace.

There is another war that rages on in the battlefield of our heart. Christmas season can be all about things that can distract us from the true meaning of Christmas. When was the last time you just sat and thought about the “awe” and “wonder” of Christmas? It is the story of how Jesus came to earth as a baby, a human, just like you and I. Why would Jesus do that? Because he loved us, but that is another article!

May this year be about Jesus, God’s greatest gift to mankind. May you be in awe of the “King of Kings” and “Lord of Lords” this Christmas season. We need to take some time this season to remember that the “Wonder of Christmas” begins with Jesus, not the dazzle of Christmas decorations, gifts, parties, food and camping out for that great 3-D TV deal. All these things didn’t matter to those soldiers many years ago on Christmas Eve. They just enjoyed the “peace” on earth good will towards men that they experienced that very moment.

Pastor Jim Gerhold

Christian Life Center


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