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Letter To The Editor: Get serious of U.S. problems


Non-metropolitan Nebraskan are predominately conservative, and more likely to support candidates who profess these views. However, this year is unlike any year in my memory since Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) was the Democratic candidate in the 1930s whose views were similar to those of the Democratic candidates at present. Their programs are to spend money, which we don’t have, to solve our present economic disaster.

No one that I know had heard of a trillion (dollars) before the past few years, let alone $18 trillion of them currently acknowledged (as America’s debt) or over $100-200 trillion of them which have been promised down the line.

Is it not time for us to look for a candidate who has plans to reduce the debt even though he is not a “dyed in the wool” conservative?

Donald Trump is such a candidate in contrast to the Democratic candidates whose only solution is to keep spending money like it is going out of style and deepen the current economic disaster. Donald is a pragmatist, one who identifies problems and plans to solve them. No one can deny his success in the private sector, even though he is not perfect, his fiscal record is astonishing to say the least. He has energized a following the likes of which history has never seen before.

I believe it is time to support one who has plans to reduce our national debt, close our borders, rebuild our military, and rectify the dismal record of caring for our veterans, to name a few.

What do you think?

C.J.Cornelius, Jr. M.D.



Reader Comments

jfiegenschuh75 writes:

I suppose we are all entitled to our opinions Dr. Cornelius, but as a former (and very proud) life long Sidney and NE resident I must disagree. Actually Western NE did produce a few liberals like myself. How can anyone profess to close our borders when we are all immigrants to this country? Well everyone, but NATIVE Americans. How do you profess to reduce our debt and ramp up military spending? Ever heard of the military industrial complex? We need reasonable people and that's not Trump.


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