By Don Ogle 

And Then There Was One: Sidney Spellers Meet For Verbal Contest


December 8, 2017

Forrest Hershberger

Pictured from left are Manu Eledath, sixth grade and Jordan DeNovellis, fifth grade, the finalists in the spelling bee held at West Elementary School. The top eight finalists of the 30 entries will complete in the Cheyenne County Spelling Bee. Manu took first in the Sidney spelling bee with the work clandestine.

The contestants assembled at the designated time. The officials took their places, making sure rules are followed and goals are met, or defined when missed.

It was an afternoon of competing with each other, the knowledge of the contest and confidence. After the practice round, the day became an afternoon of "one and done" as contestants made it through a round, or were sent to their seat.

It was the qualifying round for the Cheyenne County Spelling Bee.

Elementary students recently completed written spelling tests to determine who qualifies for the verbal contest. Thirty Sidney elementary school students in grades fourth through sixth qualified for the verbal contest. Of the 30, eight will be sent to the Cheyenne County spelling bee.

At the beginning of the contest, the rules of the spelling bee were explained, including how a person is disqualified, what can be asked for clarification of a word and the role of judges in the contest. The contest uses words from the Scripps Spelling Bee word list.

The contest moved from the simple words to randomly complicated. The audience could see nervousness in the contestants increase with the number of rounds in the contest.

The top speller in the Sidney elementary contest is sixth grader Manu Eledath with fifth grader Jordan DeNovellis coming in second place. They and six others - Aadhav Krishna, Adrian Ward, Connor Wamsley, Kortney Keller , Luke Uhlir and Lily Bowcut - will compete in the county spelling bee. The fifth grade class made a strong showing this year with five spellers making into the final eight.

The Scripps National Spelling Bee was started in 1925, and has been held continuously with the exception of the World War II years of 1943-1945.


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