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February 9, 2018

I would like to start this article by telling EVERYONE GOD LOVES them, He does not like the way we live sometimes but He does love us.

We read John 3:16 and hear about it a lot, “GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD, THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY SON, THAT WHOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM WILL HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE”. Romans 10: 9,10 tells us that IF we confess Jesus as Lord and Savior and believe in our heart we will be saved. That is all true, but that’s the beginning of being a CHRISTIAN, ( Follower of Christ/Little Christ) this is not a one time event but a beginning of a NEW WAY Of LIFE.

The Word OF GOD tells He never leaves or forsakes us, but that does not give us permission to continue living life the way we always have. It means we have a way to have our lives changed and Made New through Jesus’s sacrifice on the CROSS. The Apostle writes we should not use our New Freedom to continue to live according to our old life, because we were bought with a price Jesus died for us. The WORD of GOD tells us WHEN we receive CHRIST into our hearts and asked for the forgiveness of our sins we are made brand new, all old things have been washed away by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB, (JESUS).

Those who say they don’t want to serve a GOD who sends people to HELL (and HELL is for REAL), don’t understand what they are saying. God doesn’t send people to HELL, people have a FREE MORAL WILL to choose where they spend ALL of Eternity. Which one will you Choose? I’m not talking about Religion or which

Church you choose to go to. I am talking about knowing JESUS THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD personally.

This is my request, if you don’t KNOW JESUS, ask Him into your heart and life, confess your sins (and we ALL have them). Ask Him to change you, and He will come in and change you, because He wants the very best for you, but you have to choose, He won’t force Himself on you.

In Christ Love,

Pastor Pete Morgan, Christian Life Center


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