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 By Rita Hart    Opinion    October 20, 2015

Letter to the Editor: Reader wonders if Sidney has grown to be too large

Dear Editor: Just have to wonder, is Sidney getting too big for its britches? Seeing and hearing about all of the turmoil that Sidney has been through in the last six months makes me wonder. First we find out that our “new” police chief is... Full story


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sidney mayor, council moving the goalposts

Dear Editor, Since early July, there has been much concern among the good citizens of Sidney about the treatment of our chief of police, B.J. Wilkinson. He received an outrageous sentence for his plea. The mayor and city council wanted to assure the... Full story


Letter to the Editor: Reader wants citizens to 'Stand By Your Man'

Dear Editor, In 1979, Tammy Wynette won a Grammy for her fabulous song entitled “Stand By Your Man.” I know that the title of this song applies to the situation regarding Sidney’s Chief of Police. To the good people of Sidney – and to the... Full story


Letter To The Editor: If the money goes to the pool, how will our streets get fixed?

Dear Editor: The City Council will be selecting a new city manager soon. I hope they will pick one who will listen to the people and taxpayers of Sidney and stop this wasteful spending and overspending on projects. In 2012, the voters approved a... Full story


Letter to the Editor: Which hat?

Dear Editor: Ya know, I’ve been thinking, and I got a question I would like the city attorney to answer. Let’s see, now if I got this right, we have five council members, three who work for Cabela’s, including the mayor. My question is could...


Letter to the Editor: Call to end commission is just a baffling move

Dear Editor: I find the Nebraska legislator, Ken Haar’s proposal to dissolve the Nebraska Oil and Gas Commission and spread its responsibilities around to a variety of other organizations very interesting, but baffling. At a time when it’s clear...

 By Mike Carr    Opinion    August 24, 2015

Letter To The Editor: State's oil and gas industry has started to take spotlight

Dear Editor: Until this year, Nebraska’s home-grown oil and gas industry has been largely out of sight and out of mind of the public and state policymakers, and for good reason. Nebraska operators are small oil and gas companies, not giant oil... Full story


Letter to the Editor: Reader wants city council to stand behind police chief

Dear Editor: I want to speak of some items concerning Sidney Police Chief B.J. Wilkinson’s treatment and situation at the hands of the city manager and almost, by the members of the city council, which meets Tuesday evening. The director of Public... Full story


Letter To The Editor: Wilkinson's jail sentence should just be scrapped

Dear Editor, I and a lot of other people agree 100 percent with Larry Nelson’s letter from Monday, July 20 titled “Jail time for chief is way out of line.” I would venture to say every police officer in the country (including Sidney) has at... Full story

 By Larry Nelson    Opinion    July 20, 2015

Letter To The Editor: Jail time for chief is way out of line

Dear Editor: The headline in The Sidney Sun-Telegraph read “Chief gets jail time.” The Chief of Police. Who would make such a complaint that would result in such a sentence? Was it the city of Sidney official who was out of control? I doubt it.... Full story

 By Mike Hartzler    Opinion    June 22, 2015

Letter To The Editor: Where will the money come from?

Dear Editor, This could get interesting. The county can’t afford to hire a man to grade the roads and then the sheriff says we need a new $16 million jail. Meanwhile, we still have that school bond issue lurking out there. Mike Hartzler... Full story


Letter To The Editor: Right to Life addresses death penalty change

Dear Editor, With the repeal of the death penalty and ensuing referendum, we have been asked if we have a position on that issue. From its inception in 1973, National Right to Life and its 50 State Affiliates, of which we are one, has had a single... Full story


Letter To The Editor: Iraqi Army doesn't carry much weight

Dear Editor, The Iraqi Army has a history of moving to the rear and exposing their back sides to attacking forces. The Iraqi Army melted like butter when we attacked them in 2003. They faded away when ISIL attacked them, and then lost Mosul and most... Full story

 By Stan Fox    Opinion    May 29, 2015

Letter To The Editor: Kudos to Sidney H.S.: State champs in track

Dear Editor: It just feels great to know that our “Red Raiders” high school track and field team are Nebraska’s Class B state champs! The early-season goal setting, dreams of improvement, setting personal records, winning districts and,... Full story

 By C.J. Cornelius    Opinion    May 22, 2015

Letter to the Editor: 'Global warming' least of Obama's concerns

Dear Editor: With the current fiasco in Iraq and Syria, the President is telling the Coast Guard and the American public that the real problem we are facing is “global warming.” The mess in Iraq is his problem and he can no longer blame it on G.W... Full story


Letter To The Editor: Troops are needed in Afghanistan

Dear Editor: The Obama administration finally listened to our military leaders, and they are now planning on leaving 9,800 troops in Afghanistan through 2016 and probably beyond. Originally they were going to draw down to 5,500 troops. The Taliban... Full story

 By C.J. Cornelius    Opinion    May 7, 2015

New book about Lincoln opens eyes about Obama

Dear Editor, “With Malice Toward None” is the title of Jack Levin’s new book. This quotation is from Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address when the termination of the Civil War was in sight. “With firmness in the Right as God gives us... Full story


Letter To The Editor: Concerns over condition of Road 8 still growing

Dear Editor, Stateliner’s Extension Club would like to thank Sidney High School student Kade Price for demonstrating strong leadership and citizenship by expressing his concerns about Road 8 to the Cheyenne County Commissioners at their April 20...

 By Matt Litt    Opinion    April 20, 2015

Letter To The Editor: Gas tax hike further burdens state's families

The Nebraska Legislature is on the brink of raising the gas tax and Nebraska families will pick up the tab for the poor management of our tax dollars across the state. Nearly $240 million in new taxes would be generated by the end of the decade from... Full story


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Official offer spring construction reminder

Dear Editor, With the beginning of spring, many residents will begin home repair projects. With this in mind residents should be aware that several projects require permits from their city’s Building Department. The projects range fences, new... Full story

 By Scott Bartak    Opinion    March 31, 2015

Letter To The Editor: America wasn't founded on some kind of 'mistake'

Dear Editor: Well the polls are out and it’s ugly – only 31 percent of the country thinks we are headed in the right direction. Could it be that “headed in the wrong direction” was a by-product of this: local school textbooks teaching pages... Full story


Letter To The Editor: Open letter to the Legislature, power structure across Neb.

Dear Editor: Following the expression of opinions regarding Sen. Chamber’s choice of “image” in talking about the police in Omaha, might it be useful to move the discussion forward by considering some related issues such as the following? Is... Full story

 By Lauren Snell    Opinion    March 31, 2015

Reader questions whether Smith is really conservative

Dear Editor: Adrian Smith is just another establishment Republican. Nebraska’s 3rd District is just about the most conservative congressional district in the United States. Yet with a Heritage Scorecard of voting conservative just 60 percent of... Full story


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Remember, there isn't honor among thieves

Dear Editor, The reigning headliners in the current administration remind me of a variation of an adage: “There is no honor among liars.” With all of the scandalous activities provoked by the former head of the Department of State, the Attorney... Full story


Letter to the Editor: Term 'half breed' is part of the right to free speech

Dear Editor: Do Native Americans have a lock on the definition of “half breed?” A member of the Nebraska Board of Education used this term to describe our President and has received flak for doing so from many sides, including our Governor. The... Full story


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