An "awesome disaster" in the making

Wild variety show to highlight weekend Potter-Days celebration


Kirk Enevoldsen's definition of "variety show" strays a bit from the norm.

"This is just like 'whatever happens, happens,'" he explained, in reference to this weekend's Potter Days program at the Legion Hall. "It's an unscripted free for all."

Despite the chaotic promise, the unusual variety show involves skits actually rehearsed in the weeks before. Yet the crew also encourages anyone with a modicum of talent to step on stage. As far as Enevoldsen knows at the moment, the event will at least provide audiences with a bit of song, some dance, comedy routines and a ventriloquist. The seasoned Enevoldsen crew plans to present a Blues Brothers-ish skit and a drag routine, calling themselves the "Pointless Sisters."

"This ain't Broadway, and we don't pretend it is," said Anna Steele, who actually performed in New York and will sing a few of Loretta Lynn's classics.

She decided to draw from the country legend's work because of the gritty, true-to-life quality of the lyrics. Steele admits, however, that adding one's own style to a well known piece presents a challenge.

"It's daunting," she said, "but I try to make every song mine."

In addition to Steele's accomplished voice, the most anticipated skit may be a dance routine by a chorus line decked in alternating black and white--which, the cast says, will either create a stunning optical illusion or end up with performers sprawled on stage, hence the name "A Black and White Disaster."

"A lot of us don't have real good balance," Beth Bogert pointed out with a laugh. "I can see the domino effect."

Bogert instructs the award winning Potter-Dix one act team that dominates the stage at state, year after year. She demands perfection from her actors, so she is inclined to discourage students from attending her segment of the variety show.

"They will see the mistakes I make," she said.

Jim Gerhold signed on for the ventriloquist portion of the event. The Sidney minister has been performing off and on for 40 years, but recently put away his old wooden dummy. Instead, he plans to work with a life person wearing a mask.

"It's hard," he admitted of the live dummy act. "But if you get someone lively, it makes the show."

Singer Luke Egging, who will belt out a few Johnny Cash tunes ("I can sing in his range a little bit," he promised) expects a lot of hilarity.

"This is Potter," he said, waving at the stage. "It's gonna be a great show, no matter what."

But they still need to refine their understanding of the phrase "variety show."

"It will be an amazing disaster," Hal Enevoldsen explained.

Potter Days Variety Show

Legion Hall

Friday, Aug. 30 at 7 p.m.

Saturday, Aug. 31 at 1 p.m.


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