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McCoy makes campaign stop in Sidney


Beau McCoy hopes to be elected the next governor of Nebraska. He held a meet and greet at the Coffee Corner on Wednesday.

The main pillars of McCoy’s campaign are to lower taxes, control state spending, create more jobs in the state and make sure schools are adequately preparing Nebraskans for life’s many opportunities.

He insists revenue becomes available to cut taxes, create higher-paying jobs and provide quality education for the state’s youth when a governor controls state spending.

“We’re just like every other main street Nebraska family. We have a budget, we have four kids under ten, we have the same worries and concerns that a lot of Nebraskans do and in addition to that, we’re small business owners. We have a construction company. We make a payroll, we’ve created jobs, we’re just out there trying to make sure that we’re abiding by all the rules and regulations that we have to,” McCoy said.

In his concept, progress is assisted by one action.

“The next governor needs to really be concerned about being able to cut taxes by holding the line on spending. That’s what you have to do in order to make the quality of life better in our state because we love Nebraska, but we can certainly make progress,” McCoy explained.

McCoy grew up in agriculture on his family’s cattle ranch. He understands what the agriculture economy means to the state. Also, as a small business owner, he understands the value of creating jobs.

“It’s just as important to create a job in Sidney as it is to create a job in Omaha or Lincoln. And it’s just as valuable to our state because one of the beauties of Nebraska is with a strong ag economy and with a strong manufacturing economy, we have the ability to keep our young people here and to grow our state. And that provides additional revenue to the state and then in turn, we can cut taxes and grow our state even more,” McCoy pointed out.

A problem that has arisen in Nebraska is companies like Union Pacific not finding skilled workers to fill open positions. McCoy plans to be an ambassador for the state as governor. He will travel anywhere to bring businesses here from other parts of the country to create jobs.

“As governor, you have to do everything you can with taxes and economic development to keep great companies like Cabela’s and other companies across the state here because when you get to be the size of a Cabela’s or some of the other companies we’re fortunate enough to have—Union Pacific Railroad, ConAgra—they have the ability now in a mobile, high-technology society to headquarter their companies anywhere in the country or anywhere in the world. They choose to be here and we want to honor that commitment by doing everything possible to grow their companies,” McCoy said.

McCoy stopped by Sidney on Wednesday to meet potential voters at the Book and Coffee Corner.


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