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Letter to the Editor: Innocent until proven guilty


Dear Editor,

I just wanted to let it be known to the public about the false and misleading information that has recently been published about myself and fiance Walter Fischer. On October 23, 2013 The Sidney Police Department, Cheyenne County Sheriff’s Office and Nebraska State Patrol conducted a search warrant on my parents property...The information newspapers have published #1 states both Walter and myself were arrested for possession of methamphetamine. Neither one of us were if possession of any drug or anything illegal for that matter. Law enforcement supposedly found a glass pipe during the search in an outbuilding that no one was even in during the search. To be in possession of something that means that the item has to be on that person or within reach...When confronted with the pipe by law enforcement that night I told them I wanted fingerprints taken if I was going to be charged with a crime I did not commit. Law Enforcement refused to fingerprint the pipe they supposedly found and arrested both Walter and I anyways.

#2 The newspapers have also published that both Walter and my arrests stemmed from an ongoing LSD investigation. That information is also misleading and 100% false. Walter nor myself had nothing to do with any LSD period. And we were both arrested on bogus charges. Yes we are both fighting the charges.

This search warrant happened 3 days before my child custody trial involving my ex husband who is employed with the Nebraska State Patrol So you decide what the real motives of law enforcement were. Was it really to come and find what the Search Warrant states they were to find??? Or is this just another case of Government Corruption at its finest??? I’ll answer for you, I lost custody of my daughter because of this false arrest as my custody papers state this right in them. What happened to innocent until proven guilty???

Oh and I wanted to let the public also know that I have been bailed out of Jail and Walter still remains in custody in Scottsbluff County jail located in Gering, Nebraska. His bond is $100,000.00 and at a recent bond reduction hearing the judge denied a reduction because of “pending charges” from an empty baggie that law enforcement also supposedly found the night of the search...Law Enforcement had wanted Walter to take a plea bargain and testify against me and since he has refused they have added charge on him which include, criminal trespass from an incident that happened over two months ago and a distribution charge from something that supposedly happened over 8 months ago

Due to the false Newspaper articles I have lost my job and now it just makes it ten times harder to find work when people only think bad of you because of the information that is published. The recent false arrest was clearly a form of Government Corruption and it’s not only devastating, it ruins people’s lives. If this outrages the public, it should because this is why we have a Constitution. And both Walter and my Constitutional Rights have been completely violated. Elaboration of these violations will be published next.

Jennifer Cartwright


[Editor’s note: Although Ms. Cartwright does not mention a newspaper by name, reporting of the story by staff at this newspaper accurately reflected the evidence and charges according to court affidavits. We stand behind our coverage of the story and will continue to follow the case as it develops.]


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