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Letter to the Editor: Keep them inside


Take a look at your neighbors yard, is there a pet in dire need of someone to love it? One that is in a small cage and not taken care of? Lucky to be fed and watered once a day, kennel has no place to walk around.

People who can not keep their pets inside with them, should not own pets. That includes hunters, and their so called best friend. Yes they will still hunt if they live in the house, why not put up a fence and a dog door to the garage and their house in the garage, or someone needs to make you live like your pet? I am sorry but someone needs to speak for the pets in this town, so many are abused or locked in these small kennels, they should be outlawed. They need attention, would you like it if your family didn’t talk to you, or spend any time with you, or you had to sty in a small space about the size of the average bathroom, 24/7, 365 days a year. Think about how you want to be treated and then think about your pet or your neighbors pet, mention it to them, or call the authorities.

Also the guys that put their dogs in the back of trucks, do you realize what a wind chill is? Do you know how hot that bed gets in the summer? If you can’t sit on it, then your pet can get his paws burned also. How many rocks hit your windshield on a drive around anywhere. Put that kennel on your folded down back seat and let them in with you in the heat and the AC, or leave them home!

I may get some nasty remarks for my opinions, but they are mine and I will stick by them. I love my dogs like my children, in fact my children now think they come in second to the dogs. They don’t, but I do love my animals and take care of them, like they are children, they can’t speak for themselves, but if you care for them enough, you can understand what they are thinking most of the time.

Please take care of this problem in our town!

Corinne McGee



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