Letter to the Editor: Independent voters


Dear Editor,

A recent poll showed a preponderance of Independent voters were unhappy with the Congress and the Senate and were considering voting for an Independent candidate. You should only do that if you are content with the continuation of the current Liberal agenda and its free spending anti-Constitutional activities.  The only result of voting for an Inependant candidate would split the vote for a more conservative outcome since the Independent candidate cannot win, so your vote would be wasted with the possible result in the Liberal candidate winning the seat.  Such is the possible out come in the upcoming vote for a Senator to replace Mike Johanns.  If you listen to Ben Sasse you will find that he represents the views of most Republicans and is an independent thinker of whom we can be most proud.  Don’t take a chance that you are throwing your vote away. 

Come November, do the RIGHT THING.  Ben Sasse will make you proud.

C.J. Cornelius



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