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Letter to the Editor: Windows


Dear Editor,

Regarding the  article on the Commander’s Home and Tamara Nelsen’s letter to the editor,  I hope the larger point was understood. 

The Cheyenne County Historical Association replaced windows that should never have been replaced.  Repaired and restored, but not replaced. 

Yes, there is no doubt that  147-year old windows will develop some deterioration that needs attention. 

If the bottom of a window sash rots out, the three solid sides should be fitted with a new piece that replicates the original, you don’t throw the window out. If the entire window is not salvageable, then any decent carpenter can create a replica to match the original, and any glass and hardware from the antique window that is intact should be used. It should match the others in function and appearance. This is an act of preservation.

Replacing the windows with modern vinyl-clad windows is remodeling and these are not private residences that require updating for safety, security or efficiency. 

Yes,  Roger Jorgensen was correct in saying damage was caused in these buildings because of leaking windows over the years, and yet it should be asked if this was the fault of the windows or of the lack of maintenance by the board. 

About five and a half years ago, an upstairs window on the east side of the museum had a leak that was not fixed, but packed with a rolled up pair of blue jeans in a lame attempt to absorb any moisture coming in. The water that continued to seep in caused a ceiling in the museum to collapse.

The money that was spent on the new windows could have been used for properly repairing and restoring the windows, and chances are it would have cost less. 

These buildings should be considered to be valuable artifacts, just like the historical items they house. They are intended to be time capsules that represent the moment in time that they were built. Visitors should see as many of the original architectural  elements in the buildings as possible.

I can only hope the original windows are put back in and that no further remodeling be done. 

Kathy Wilson



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