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Dear Editor,

Here recently, the code enforcement officer made a visit to my home about allegedly a dog chasing after the cats in the neighborhood.

After a brief introduction, I asked the code enforcement officer why is it cats can roam wherever they want, but nothing is ever said about it? Well, a lot of the cats are feral, she replied. I asked her about the cats that weren’t feral, and then said maybe dogs wouldn’t run off if the cats weren’t allowed to roam around at will. For the nine years I have lived in my home, the cats in the neighborhood have used my backyard as if it is a rest area along I-80. Since I have lived here, there are no fewer than four or five cats at any given time in my neighborhood.

In addition, a friend of mine had a cat jump HIS six-foot privacy fence in his backyard where his dog killed the cat on HIS property. He was told if it happened again, the dog would have to be put down for being a vicious animal. So, once again, I ask why is it OK for cats to roam the neighborhoods?

I also told the code enforcement officer I called in barking dogs at least 10 times and nothing seems to get done about it?” “Well, we need proof,” was the reply. “Walk down my alley, and the two pointers in the backyard will give you proof,” was my answer.

It is kind of hard to concentrate when I am working on my homework or writing my next bestseller. My brother-in-law has had the same problems in his neighborhood, and the dog barking has almost resulted in a feud that rivaled the Hatfields and McCoys.

Finally, I have a hard time understanding why there is such a double standard regarding canines and their feline counterparts. It is about time for some ordinances to keep cats in their respective homes, and maybe that would cut down on the feral cat population.

John Bahr



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