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Letter to the Editor: School athletics


Dear Editor,

This letter is in regards to junior high and high school athletics and the treatment of the kids who are the third- and fourth-stringers. Obviously, not all kids are equal talent-wise when it comes to school sports.

It doesn’t mean the kids who are the third- and fourth-string are not trying as hard as the ones who start. I understand the overall goal is to win the game, but when the game is well out of hand on one side or another some of these other kids deserve to get in the game. The third- and fourth-stringers are out there getting their bumps and bruises during practices and would jump at a chance to play in the final minute or two of a blowout game.

Many of these adolescents get discouraged when they go to practice after practice, and then not only don’t they play, but they don’t even get a chance to suit up. After these children, and yes they are children, get discouraged they get involved in alternative forms of entertainment.

A lot of these kids who drop out of sports end up turning to drugs and alcohol as a result. I can speak from experience.

Many of these kids mature at different ages, and some of them who drop out could benefit the varsity programs in a few years.

Subsequently, coaches on all levels need to realize the feelings of these boys and girls and the impact of playing some garbage-time minutes. For the coaches, playing time in the last few minutes might be insignificant, but for some of the players, it could be a great memory for the kids and their parents.

Mike Borchert



Reader Comments

frank writes:

Very well said. I to believe that every child should be allowed to play and to experience the sport they are in. They practice just as hard as those who play more often. I believe in winning myself as it builds moral but let all the players be part of that winning experience.


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