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Letter to the Editor: When Ds, Rs and Is cloud our judgment


Dear Editor,

I am concerned that our way of government is being corrupted by those of us who are influenced by the “D,” “R” and “I” labels. In recent years, more and more voters in Nebraska use party labels as their only criteria for voting. Each political party has a reputation for leaning philosophically one way or another, and we can be swayed in our thinking, or lack of it, and vote the party line. This kind of “group think” clouds our best judgment in deciding who is the best candidate for the job.

Those of us who vote, and there are fewer and fewer of us, control what is happening in local, state and national government. In other words, we minority of the population are responsible for the outcomes. In this case we are responsible for government dysfunction. The majority of the population are discouraged by what we have created which adds to their frustration, anger, and helplessness.

At one time in Nebraska we were a people of moderation, people who made their political decisions based on which candidate was best for the country regardless of labels. We would talk with family and neighbors about political issues and solve problems. Now we have become divided communities where people are afraid of expressing opinions for fear of being labeled. No wonder fewer and fewer people vote.

Now that we minority have created this dysfunctional government, we get what we deserve. Let’s stop this craziness of using labels before it is too late. 

Vern Barrett

Ceresco, Neb.


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