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By C.J. Cornelius

Letter to the Editor: Term 'half breed' is part of the right to free speech


Dear Editor:

Do Native Americans have a lock on the definition of “half breed?”

A member of the Nebraska Board of Education used this term to describe our President and has received flak for doing so from many sides, including our Governor.

The truth of the matter is the President is half white since his mother was Caucasian. The other half is mostly Arab and he is referred to an African mostly because of the color of his skin. It seems to me that it is the board member’s prerogative to refer to him as a half breed and it should not raise the hackles of so many others who are comfortable with multiculturalism.

Free speech should not be abridged even though these folks don’t seem to be upset when protesters of one kind or another burn the American Flag for trifling reasons. The liberals use terms much more objectionable than that when referring to those who differ with them.

Stand up for free speech before we lose it.

C.J. Cornelius



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