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By Pastor David Hall
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church 

God forgives everyone


“(The Lord said), I have loved you, O my people, with an everlasting love, with love I have drawn you to me.” Jeremiah 31:3

No matter what our situation in life, God will use us to be a blessing to others and bring honor to Him. For God does not look on the outside, but on the inside of a person. While those around us may think that we are too young, too old, too timid, too loud, too weak, or whatever God sees willingness and availability. We can be used by God in any and every circumstance. God loves us more than we can imagine.

Many people aren’t accepted because they are considered “different.” The story of one little girl’s love and determination still speaks today.

She was ridiculed and treated badly because of her race when she became one of the first African-American children to integrate into an all-white New Orleans school. One day in front of her tormentors, she stopped and asked God to forgive the ones who mistreated her. Even when they spoke harshly about her, she said they didn’t realize what they were doing. Then Ruby prayed for God to forgive them like He forgave cruel people years before who said terrible things about Jesus of Nazareth.

Ruby Bridges Hall lives in New Orleans. In 1999, she formed the Ruby Bridges Foundation to promote respect and appreciation of others. She and her childhood teacher, Mrs. Henry, visit schools to share their experiences.

God is gracious, empathetic, and merciful. We are all important to God because God looks beyond our outer selves. What means most is our willingness to love others. What makes the difference in our lives is the love and compassion God has for us, no matter who we are. God uses gracious people to reflect God’s own love for the world.

Dave Hall

Holy Trinity

Lutheran Church


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