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Several Bulldogs bring home league championships


Stephen McKay

Cole White takes a peek at the competition during the 200-meter dash at the North Central League Championships in Sterling, Colo.

Despite the rain, cold and wind, the Peetz High Bulldogs and the five other teams in the 1A North Central League brought their regular season to an end Tuesday at the league meet in Sterling, Colo.

In addition to crowning league champions, the meet was a last chance for athletes to put their names on the qualifying list for the state championships scheduled for next week in Lakewood, Colo. The Bulldogs boys came away with three individual league champions and three relay winners. The Lady Bulldogs earned a league championship in the 4x800-meter relay.

In the team race, Fleming took the overall boys title with 150 points to edge out Pawnee by eight points. The Bulldogs piled up 120 points for third, while Prairie (26), Weldon Valley (23) and Briggsdale rounded out the field.

In the girls competition, Prairie left with the league crown by scoring 157 points to Fleming's 137. The Lady Bulldogs earned 44 points for fifth place. The remaining schools inlcuded Briggsdale (69), Weldon Valley (57) and Pawnee (1).

"I would like to have won the meet with the boys," said Peetz head coach Scott Scorensen. "I think if I would have known what the weather was going to be like, I would have broken up the relay teams and tried to spread them out. Nevertheless, we had a good day and they all competed hard."

Before the meet, the boys had already comfortably qualified all four of its relay teams for state. Cody Wilson had also secured his place at 400 meters. The 4x100 and 4x200 teams are both comprised of Wilson, Bradey Holtz, Cole White and Casey Barrett. Also going is the 4x400 team, including Logan Sircy, Cole White, Wilson and Holtz. Wenneker ran White's leg on Tuesday to allow White to enter the 200. The 4x800 squad is filled by Sircy, White, Wenneker and Holtz.

The girls team will send its 4x800 team also. Sorensen runs Abby White, Whitney Christian, Jenny Gutierrez and Payton Swedelund in the 3,200. Additionally, White is on the bubble for a trip to state in the mile. As the final regular season track meets will be held this week around Colorado, the final list of state qualifiers should be made official by Monday.

With a place at state already secured for Wilson in the 400, his goal Tuesday was to win the race and maybe get a little bonus. He crossed the line more than six seconds ahead of runner-up Luke Duggan of Pawnee.

"I wanted to get the league record, which is about 53 seconds," said Wilson, who has twice broken the school record in recent weeks. "It wasn't the best weather to try and break a record, but I thought I might be able to do it anyway."

Wilson actually missed establishing a new mark by just 0.3 seconds.

Barrett and Garrin Cox also reigned supreme over their district rivals. Barrett proved himself the fastest runner in 1A North Central as he took gold in the 100 meters. Cox surpassed 40 feet in the shot put to win the event by exacly five feet over Pawnee's Cody Harley. Cox's throw was nearly two feet better than his previous personal best. With his effort, Cox too is now on the bubble for a trip to state.

The Bulldogs' depth in the throwing events helped them score twice in the discus. Jordan Buss went beyond the 100-foot mark to claim third while Cox was a little more than a foot behind in fourth.

Among the others who placed in individual events was Holtz with a second-place finish in the 800. Wenneker, who was runner up in the 110-meter hurdles, was just ahead of teammate Hunter White who crossed in fourth. Cole White was fourth in the 200-meter dash and third in the 100.

In the relays, Peetz took down the competition in the 400-, 800- and 1,600-meter relays as expected. While the Bulldogs had already comfortably qualified in all its realy races, Peetz still had other motivations for running well.

"We still wanted to win the track meet," said White after the 4x100. "I don't know that that was our best time, but it was one of our better times for sure. It was a pretty good run for us especially in this weather."

Since the Bulldogs already qualified in the 3,200-meter relay, Sorensen decided to run a team of throwers. The team included Brian and Garrett Roelle, Cox and Buss. The move added eight points to the Bulldogs point total.


At Sterling (Colo.) High School


1. Fleming, 150; 2. Pawnee, 142; 3. Peetz, 120; 4. Prairie 26; 5. Weldon Valley, 23; Briggsdale, 9.

100 Meters

1. Casey Barrett, Peetz 12.40; 2. Joey Stahley, Fleming, 12.53; 3. Cole White, Peetz 12.68.

200 Meters

1. Joe Stahley, Fleming 25.65; 2. Drew Ellis, Pawnee 26.10; 3. Alex Vandenbank, Fleming 26.15; 4. Cole White, Peetz 26.33.

400 Meters

1. Cody Wilson, Peetz, 53.25; 2. Luke Duggan, Pawnee, 59.63; 3. Adam Perryman, Pawnee, 1:00.59.

800 Meters

1. Zacc Winn, Prairie, 2:10.92; 2. Bradey Holtz, Peetz, 2:14.49; 3. Jaydee Johnston, Pawnee, 2:21.81.

1,600 Meters

1. Luke Duggan, Pawnee, 4:42.83; 2. Kobryn Mann, Fleming, 5:14.90; 3. Jaydee Johnston 5:24.03.

3,200 Meters

1. Zacc Winn, Prairie 11:22.66; 2. Camden Goss, Fleming, 12:40.20; 3. Neil Lovell, Fleming 13:05.49

110-Meter Hurdles

1. Bryce Schnug, Pawnee, 18.46; 2. Woldgang Wenneker, Peetz 22.22; 3. Hunter White, Peetz, 22.58.

300-Meter Hurdles

1. Bryce Schnug, Pawnee, 47.89; 2. Drew Ellis, Pawnee, 50.62; 3. 3. Woflgang Wenneker, Peetz, 54.63.

4x100 Relay

1. Peetz (Casey Barrett, Bradey Holtz, Cole White, Cody Wilson), 47.65; 2. Fleming, 51.63; 3. Weldon Valley, 52.60.

4x200 Relay

1. Peetz (Casey Barrett, Bradey Holtz, Cole White, Cody Wilson), 1:38.01; 2. Fleming, 1:46.34; 3. Weldon Valley, 1:53.72.

4x400 Relay

1. Peetz (Casey Barrtt, Wolf Wenneker, Cody Wilson, Bradey Holtz), 4:16.61; 2. Fleming, 4:31.25; 3. Weldon Valley, 4:55.64.

4x800 Relay

1. Fleming, 9:22.61; 2. Peetz (Garrett Roelle, Brian Roelle, Garrin Cox, Jordan Buss), 12:18.50.

Shot Put

1. Garrin Cox, Peetz, 47-4.50; 2. Cody Hartley, Pawnee 35-4; 3. Luiz Gomez, Pawnee, 31-1.50.


1. Luis Gomez, Pawnee, 107-6; 2. Corey Schellenger, Fleming, 105-3; 3. Jordan Buss, Peetz, 100-10; Garrin Cox, 99-8.


1. Prairie, 157; 2. Fleming, 137; 3. Briggsdale, 69; 4. Weldon Valley, 57; 5. Peetz, 44; 6. Pawnee, 1.

100 Meters

1. Megan Chintala, Fleming 14.32; 2. Kandice Knapp, Weldon Valley, 14.35; 3. Rachel Frantz, Fleming, 14.59.

200 Meters

1. Skyla Miller, Briggsdale, 25.81; 2. Haley Dollerschell, Prairie, 29.28; 3. Bailey Chintala, Fleming, 30.55; 5. Cami Thompson, Peetz 35.12.

400 Meters

1. Darian Hale, Briggsdale 1:03.34; 2. Emily Kaiser, Prairie 1:03.97; 3. Skyla Miller, Briggsdale, 1:04.49; 6. Payton Swedlund, Peetz 1:16.69.

1,600 Meters

1. Kalyn Serrato, Fleming, 6:05.37; 2. Abby White, Peetz 6:19.54; 3. McKinley Thompson, Prairie, 6:59.79.

4x200 Relay

1. Fleming, 1:57.33; 2. Peetz, 2:12.16; 3. Weldon Valley, 2:15.01.

4x800 Relay

1. Peetz (Abby White, Whitney Christian, Jennifer Gutierrez, Payton Swedlund), 11:33.72; 2. Fleming, 11:45.60; 3. Prairie, 12:49.54.

Shot Put

1. Jeneen Ibrahim, Weldon Valley, 34-10; 2. Kendall Williams, Prairie, 30-3.75; 3. Britney Filter, Weldon Valley, 26-11.5; 4. Whitney Christian, Peetz, 26-7.50; 6. Jodie Schumacher, Peetz, 25-00.


1. Kalyn Serrato, Fleming, 82-01; 2. Jodie Schumacher, Peetz, 80-11; 3. Courtney Patton, 80-1.

Stephen McKay

Abby White pounds out a pace in the mile on Tuesday.


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