Letter To The Editor: Wilkinson's jail sentence should just be scrapped


Dear Editor,

I and a lot of other people agree 100 percent with Larry Nelson’s letter from Monday, July 20 titled “Jail time for chief is way out of line.”

I would venture to say every police officer in the country (including Sidney) has at one time or the other used his discretion or authority to scrap a possible citation for a friend, family member or someone of importance, or even just to give someone a break.

Even judges have been known to rhow citations and charges out of court. One hundred percent enforcement of the law could get pretty rough around here.

Judge Wess says, “Any other sentence would promote disrespect for the law.” It looks like disrespect for the law is coming from a couple rabble rousers in the police department, not out of Chief B.J. Wilkinson’s office.

Beyond a doubt, this is the most ridiculous sentence to ever come out of any court of law and the judge should sit back, give it another look and then scrap it!

Mike Hartzler



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