By Mike Carr
President Nebraska Petroleum Producers Association 

Letter To The Editor: State's oil and gas industry has started to take spotlight


Dear Editor:

Until this year, Nebraska’s home-grown oil and gas industry has been largely out of sight and out of mind of the public and state policymakers, and for good reason. Nebraska operators are small oil and gas companies, not giant oil companies. We are a well-regulated industry that contributes significantly to the rural economies of southwest Nebraska and the Panhandle.

Ever since Nebraska’s first long-term producing oil well was drilled in Richardson County in the 1940s, Nebraska producers have been generating income for investors and landowners; paying income, sales and local property taxes; and, offering good paying jobs in mostly rural areas. We generate a source of domestic energy that contributes toward our nation’s goal of energy independence.

The legislature is undertaking a study of the regulation of oil and gas exploration and production in Nebraska. The state’s Oil and Gas Conservation Commission has been diligent in its oversight of our industry and in enforcing the same EPA regulations that are adhered to in other states with much higher levels of oil and gas production.

A thoughtful, fact-focused review of the commission’s work is welcome, as is a greater understanding by state legislators and the public of the many benefits to the state of oil and gas production in Nebraska.

– Mike Carr, President

Nebraska Petroleum Producers Association


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