By John Bahr

Letter to the Editor: Sad day for Cabela's


Dear Editor:

Last week, the headline read “Sad Day for Cabela’s.” The article that sparked my attention was “Company reaches settlement to improve the hiring of minorities.” It grabbed my attention, because I graduated from WNCC last year with an Associates of Arts degree in journalism.

After my graduation, I applied for somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 jobs with Cabela’s. Most of the jobs I applied for were entry-level positions. I had high hopes about finding a job with Cabela’s, because of all of the awards I earned during my time at WNCC. The final award I earned was th...

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Reader Comments

Cowboy writes:

Why are people so concerned about the laid offs a Cabelas Corp. offices. But when Cabelas distribution Center has laid offs it never a big deal to anyone! Has anyone ever ask the question why Corp employees are treated as if there jobs are more important than the Distribution Center employees? Corp staff in most of their departments go on Team outing such as Golfing, paintball outings, fishing for the day some where and they get paid for it! This is ridiculous not to mention unfair!

Slomoses writes:

I can see the corporate animal has completely taken over the company. Since 2004 this company has become an uncaring, policy driven machine. Bottom line has become more important than people. I always tell folks I didn't retire from Cabelas,, I retired at Cabelas!


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