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By Larry Nelson

Letter to the Editor: Reader wants citizens to 'Stand By Your Man'


Dear Editor,

In 1979, Tammy Wynette won a Grammy for her fabulous song entitled “Stand By Your Man.” I know that the title of this song applies to the situation regarding Sidney’s Chief of Police.

To the good people of Sidney – and to the not-so-good as well – this letter is a request for your support of Chief B.J. Wilkinson. I’ve met so many new folks and friends who have agreed with me regarding this mess that was created by people – two of whom no longer work for our city. There have been many fist-bumps, many handshakes, many more words of agreement and encouragement for the chief to keep on fighting.

On Oct. 13 at 7:15 p.m., the City Council meets in chambers at the city offices. There will be lots of stuff on the agenda, I’m sure. The most pressing though, will be the decision they will be making as to the continued employment of the Chief of Police. This City Council does some good work and some that is, um … questionable, but one thing is for certain, they pay attention to public sentiment.

We all can make an impact on their decision. We need to “stand by our man” that Tuesday night. There are ways to make that happen: your physical presence at the Council meeting, your emails to each Council member (; a written letter to each councilman or the City Council as a whole and/or phone calls. I hope you do all of the above! Please, do your part in showing the City Council that you care about this good man! It would be great to present the Council a stack of letters of support. We can do that!

You could send the letters to me at 841 10th Ave., Sidney, or directly to the council members.

Larry Nelson



Reader Comments

guest01 writes:

He broke the law, Larry. Your advocation for using physical presence of public sentiment to coerce public officials is promoting mob rule instead of rule of law. you should hang your head in shame for your unpatriotic letter. I can't help but wonder how many more lawless friends and supporters the man has. Birds of a feather...


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