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By Jack Schilling

Letter to the Editor: Use funds to repair streets


Dear Editor,

I have read the letters from Larry Nelson and Rita Hart and agree with both of them. I have heard the walking trails along 11th Avenue (which nobody knows how that got approved) and around Cabela’s new pond was paid for with tax dollars. If that is the case why does Cabela’s benefit from our tax dollars? I heard that the road that connects road 20 and Ft. Sidney Road and the new bridge is being paid for with the half-cent sales tax money. That is not what the money is supposed to be used for; it is to repair our deteriorating streets. When I worked for a developer and they started a housing project whey went in and put in all the streets, roads, bridges and all the services needed before any house was built. When everything was done the cost was added into the house. So if Cabela’s is going to be the developer of this new housing project why are they benefiting from our tax dollars?

They talk about the water park (swimming pool) and how much it is costing. Back when our ex-mayor was the mayor he had it right and said we would not get an indoor pool because of the expense to maintain it and he was not for a water park. Now when it came up for a vote he backpeddled and voted for it and now we have a swimming pool that is way over budget and is short money to pay for it and they want to take more out of the one-half cent sales tax. Every project that the one-half cent sales tax was supposed to help pay for has been over spent except for our deteriorating streets. As much as the city council has overspent on all the projects and abused the one-half cent sales tax they need to give the swimming pool their $3,000,000 (not $4,000,000) and abolish the tax and start over. What council is doing is not working.

It seems our council members are in favor of things for certain peoples’ wants and ignoring what the taxpayer needs. No wonder we do not have faith or trust in our councilmen. It is nice to read and hear from other people and their opinions on what they think of our council members. Remember we have an election coming up. 

Jack Schilling



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