LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reader doesn't like the current trend


Dear Editor:

I have watched the city’s boom and bust cycles since the closing of the Army depot but am not liking the trend that currently exists. We have lost the best city manager we have ever had, the most qualified police chief in memory, the disapproval of the Keystone-XL pipeline and now the prospect of losing Cabela’s would seem to be more than we deserve. Let us pray that our largest employer will remain in the city. If not, our prospects for a replacement does not appear likely. I wish that I had reason to think otherwise, don’t you?

C.J. Cornelius, Jr. MD



Reader Comments

Nsync writes:

The city needed the political cleanse and more is needed. If Cabela's should happen to move or relocate corporate the cash cow of Sidney will be gone. We should be thankful that the school bond issue failed.


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