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By Jack Schilling

Letter To The Editor - Reader concerned about Cabela's


Dear Editor,

I see that the city is having trouble finding funds for the aquatic center, which now is being called the new swimming pool. Before they float a bond or go in debt $4 million by borrowing the money and wanting the tax payers to pay the bill, they need to see if any laws are involved. There are some things that can’t be done without voter approval. I know a lot of taxpayers don’t want their taxes to go up over council mistakes. If council does not have the money to pay for the water park, they need to cut their losses and stop construction and pay for what has been done, and when they can raise the funds, then proceed. Do not put this on the tax payers. This should have been voted on to see who wanted something that big, a water park or swimming pool, not certain individuals.

If the council borrows $4 million and gets $3.3 million from the one-half cent sales tax, that makes the water park cost $7.3 million. A long way from a $3 million swimming pool.

Maybe it would be better to reseal and repair or replace (not patch things) the equipment in the swimming pool and make it last for a few more years until such time will allow for a water park.

This ought to be the burden of those who voted for this project.

Jack Schilling



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