Fire Prevention Week: Students learn from firefighters


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Dana Reece, with the Nebraska Fire Marshal's Office, above left, talkes to students about fire safety, while above, Kaydence VerHagen gets a fire safety sticker from Chris Gabis and Ed Kendall, in full fire gear, who are teaching elementary students the importance of fire safety.

The Sidney Volunteer fire department is helping local students celebrate Fire Prevention Week this week by visiting Sidney schools and discussing fire safety with students.

On Monday local volunteer fire fighters visited south Elementary to talk to first and second graders.

Dana Reece, fire inspector, talked with students about the importance of checking fire alarms with their parents twice a year, and replacing the smoke alarm every ten years.

Reece also talked about the importance of practicing fire drills with their family including stop drop and roll, coming up with two exits in each location of the house, and a meeting location outside the home once kids are out of the house.

Firefighter Ed Kendall put on full fire fighter gear and had each student come up to him and get a sticker from Chris Gabis to show kids the suit the firefighters wear is not scary, and they should not hide from them.

Reece stressed to students not to run out of their house. Instead, they need to crawl because of the smoke and when they hear a fire fighter they need to yell out so the fire fighter can find them quicker.

Greg Beckel, Bronson Bushor, Gabis and Reece helped answer first and second graders multiple questions about fires, which included, what if my pets are trapped in the fire? Reece said, kids need to get outside of the house first so they are safe and let the fire fighters try and rescue the animals.

A student also asked what he should do if he is on the second floor of his house and trapped in his room. Reece said to shut the door to their room and then hang a piece of laundry or a towel outside of the window and yell for help. Reece reassured the students, firefighters are trained to rescue people from houses in their training.

The fire department will be holding an open house this Sunday starting at 11 at the fire station at 1115 13th Avenue in Sidney.


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