City auction set for Sunday


Brandon L. Summers

The SPD will have many bicycles available as part of Sunday's city-wide auction. Other city departments will also be contributing surplussed goods.

A city auction being held at Sidney Police Department Sunday will offer surplussed items from various city departments, including used vehicles.

The auction is part of an annual city effort, SPD Chief Joe Aikens said.

“We have property that’s gathered that nobody claims and we can’t keep it around forever,” Aikens said. “We have a ton of bikes, and stuff people turn in, abandoned around town. Every couple of years we try to have an auction to sell off that, any surplus equipment we might have.”

The auction will last about three and a half hours. Participants arrive and receive a bidder number, and bid on items as they are offered.

“There are tickets that are created with the bidder name on them,” Aikens said. “They’ll be tabulated with the clerk here and through the course of the day, if they want to leave, they’ll come in with the bidder number and we’ll gather up all the tickets in their name and they’ll pay for the items.”

Sunday’s auction will feature several vehicles, with titles available the same day.

Office equipment will be offered, as well.

“I have a copy machine and a couple of printers we’ll be selling at the auction,” Aikens said.

The money for the items returns to the department that offered it as surplus.

“If it’s the electrical department, the funds will go back to the electrical department. The landfill, it’ll go back to them,” Aikens said. “Anything the police department auctions off, the bikes and the vehicles, that’s general fund money. It’ll go right back into the general fund.

The event is a unique one for the SPD, Aikens said.

“Sometimes we’ll get a lot of people, sometimes we won’t,” he said. “But they’re pretty interesting.”

The city-wide auction will be held Sunday at 1 p.m. at the Sidney Police Department east parking lot, at 1715 Illinois St.


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