Assault suspect now in custody


August 2, 2017

An arrest warrant was issued for David Croissant, 38, of Sterling, CO., in connection with an assault that occurred July 21 near Lorenzo.

The Logan County (Colorado) Sheriff’s Office recently released a report of a female reporting an assault that occurred on Friday, July 21 north of Sterling and possibly near the Colorado-Nebraska state line. At the time, authorities were unsure if the assault occurred in Cheyenne County, Neb., possibly near Lorenzo, or in Colorado.

According to the press release, the victim reported that during the assault she flagged down a tractor with a man driving it. She sought the driver of the tractor to call 911. The tractor was being followed by a pickup truck driven by a female. The press release says the victim believed the tractor and pickup were traveling together. The victim reported talking the driver of the tractor into calling 911, but the suspect talked the driver out of making the call.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office published the press release seeking the drivers of the tractor and pickup to obtain more information about the location of the assault. The witness was located within 30 minutes after the press release was issued, according to LCSO Lt. Dennis Aulston.

Friday morning, Cheyenne County Sheriff John Jenson announced the arrest of a suspect in the matter. David Ryan Croissant, 38, of Sterling, CO., was arrested in connection with the assault on a 44-year-old Sterling woman in Cheyenne County on July 22. According to the arrest affidavit, Croissant was arrested on charges of First Degree Domestic Assault and Terroristic Threats.

“Through the joint investigation of the sheriff’s offices, an arrest warrant was obtained later yesterday, July 27, on the male subject that is currently in custody in Logan County. Follow up investigation is still underway,” Jenson said.

Logan County Sheriff Brett Powell confirmed Friday, July 28, that the assault occurred in Cheyenne County and therefore the case was turned over to the Cheyenne County Sheriff’s Office. As of July 27, Croissant was being held in Logan County Jail on unrelated charges.


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