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Traffic light stalled 8 months

Sidney continues to wait on the new traffic light for Illinois/13th


September 15, 2017

Brandon L. Summers

Traffic lights removed in August from the south side of Illinois and 13th Street after a truck crashed into the light pole will not be replaced for four to eight months. Ed Sadler, city manager, attributes the stall to orders beings placed by disaster areas created by recent hurricanes.

Traffic lights on the south side of the 13th Avenue and Illinois Street intersection will not be replaced for as many as eight months.

The light pole was hit by a truck in August and since then has had flashing yield lights for east- and westbound traffic, and stop signs for north- and southbound traffic.

A new light pole has been ordered, Ed Sadler, city manager, said, but its arrival will be delayed.

"These are not something they keep in stock," he said.

The city was contacted by the Department of Transportation that it could be eight to 10 months before the light poles are received.

"They believe everything will be going south," Sadler said. "I can't even imagine how many light poles have been ruined in Houston and Miami and Naples."

Sidney Electric Department, though, informed Sadler that orders are being filled 16 weeks out, for a four month wait period, and disaster areas created by recent hurricane activity have only now started to place their orders.

"That doesn't surprise me that Houston hasn't started ordering them out," he said. "Right now, they say four months. Highway Department is warning us eight to 10. My personal experience is, Highway Department might be right."

Sadler has seen city projects affected by disasters in other parts of the country.

"Once the federal government decides things need to be prioritized to address disaster areas, sorry, one light pole in Sidney isn't going to make the big push for them," he said.

He added, "They're going to try to get these towns back together as soon as they can."

Traffic should not be affected anymore than it already has been.

"What you see right now is what you're going to get for the near future," Sadler said.

The intersection will not become a four-way stop, SPD Chief Joe Aikens said.

"I asked the State of Nebraska if they would make it a four-way stop and they advised me that a state highway takes precedent over any city street," Aikens said.

Aikens advised drivers to be mindful of traffic at the intersection.

"The flashing yellow light means proceed with caution," he said. "By stopping in the middle of the intersection, and allowing someone to pull out into the street, you could be creating more of a hazard than if you just proceed through the intersection as you're supposed to."

The same is true for north- and southbound traffic.

"Be cautious," Aikens said, "and make sure traffic's clear before you proceed through the intersection."


Reader Comments

StuckattheStop writes:

Is it possible to take a light from Jackson and 10th and use at 13th And Illinois and make a 4way stop at Jackson and 10th?

justthinking writes:

they say in the article that the back up is because of the hurricanes in the south but this traffic light was out BEFORE that happened. sorry but I dont buy that they dont keep them in stock.. lies all lies


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