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Are You Ready To Go Fishing?


January 26, 2018

So, speaking of fishermen, let’s talk about Jonah! God called Jonah to go to that great city of Nineveh to fish for people. You remember the story: God told Jonah to “Go!” and Jonah said, “No!” So, Jonah booked passage on the first boat he could find headed west – the exact OPPOSITE direction he should have been goin’ to get to Nineveh!

We’re just like that, ain’t we? Sometimes God asks us to do things we really don’t wanna do. And we will do anything and everything we can to avoid doin’ what God wants us to do!

God wasn’t gonna take “no” for an answer from Jonah, so God got Jonah’s attention in a big quick out there on the sea. God brewed up a huge storm and Jonah knew it was a message for him. After much deliberation and praying to their foreign gods, the sailors didn’t think any of ‘em would survive the storm. But Jonah new better, and he told the sailors to save themselves by throwin’ him overboard, and reluctantly, that’s finally what they did.

About that time, God caused a great fish to be in the neighborhood, and God gave Jonah a whole new outlook on the meaning of the words FISH-BAIT! That great fish swallowed Jonah whole, and after three days sloshin’ around in there, Jonah was sick of all the smell and the darkness and he started belly-achin’ to God that he wanted out. And you know, I’m thinkin’ that fish was startin’ to get a belly-ache as well, what with Jonah whinin’ and gripin’ and floppin’ around in there in its tummy, so the fish puked up Jonah on the nearest beach! And wouldn’t you know it – Jonah was right back where he started runnin’ from God in the first place!

So, even though Jonah was now willing to go to Nineveh, he went very reluctantly to fish for the people God wanted caught for the kingdom. Jonah allowed himself to be used as fish-bait again, but this time for people.

It’s the same for us today – God is calling us to be fish-bait! We’re s’posed to be a lure for calling people to God. We’re s’posed to be somethin’ shiny and attractive that will bring people to God. Our words and actions are s’posed to show others how good it is to follow Jesus.

As Christians, we’re s’posed to be following the Master Fisherman, Jesus, who once said, “Follow me, and I will teach you to fish for people?”

I sincerely hope it hurts your feelings when someone suggests you’re not really a fisherman if you never catch fish, no matter how much you claimed to be! Are you a fisherman if, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, you never actually go fishing? Are you a fisherman, if never once in your life you actually catch a fish? Are you truly following the Master Fisherman if you aren’t out there fishing?


Pastor Corey Jenkins

Sidney United Methodist Church


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