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By Mike Motz
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Area Teams Compete in Sidney


Don Ogle

Potter-Dix senior Trinity Langley won the High Jump and the Triple Jump on Friday.

On Saturday, Sidney High School hosted the Cheyenne County Invitational Track & Field Meet where the area's high schools sent their varsity teams and Sidney sent their Division II team to compete on a day that featured perfect Spring weather and plenty of sunshine. At the end of the day, Creek Valley's men's team and Sidney's women's teams took top honors in the competiton that was filled with oustanding indiviual performance by the local athletes.

For the boys, Creek Valley junior Tanner Crass won the 100 meters with Potter-Dix freshman Donnie Moench finishing second, while Crass and Creek Valley senior Michael Smith combined for second and third place in the 200 meters. Leyton senior Kort Dye won the 110 and 300 meter hurdles with Creek Valley sophomore Patrick Hansen coming in second and third in the events. The Creek Valley team won the 4x100 relay while the Sidney team placed second in the 4x100, 4x400, and 4x800 relay events.

Potter-Dix sophomore Terell Gray placed second in the Shot Put and seventh in the Discus while Creek Valley senior Pierce Leef and sophomore Noah Knapp placed first and second in the Pole Vault. Potter-Dix junior Grant Hickman placed second in the High Jump and fourth in the Long Jump, while Creek Valley's Michael Smith took home top honors in the Triple Jump.

For the girls, Creek Valley senior Payje Misegadis won the 100 meters and placed second in the 200 meters, while Potter-Dix senior Payge Hoffman won the 200 meters, the Long Jump, and placed third in the 100 meter hurdles. Leyton sophomore Madelyn Watchorn won the 400 meters and placed second in both the 100 and 300 meter hurdles.

Leyton's relay teams won the 4x400 and 4x800 meter races and Creek Valley won the 4x100 meter relay. Sidney freshman Delanie Namuth and Felicity Beyer placed second and third in the Shot Put, with Beyer also placing second in the Discus. Potter-Dix sophomore Trinity Langley won the High Jump and the Triple Jump, while Sidney sophomores Jaylee Shaw and Mason Nightingale placed first and second in the Pole Vault.

Next up, the local teams will be competing at their respective District Tournaments, with Creek Valley, Potter-Dix, and Leyton at the Class D9 Distict Meet at Creek Valley on Wednesday, and Sidney travels to Ogallala for the District B6 Meet on Thursday.

Men's Results

1. Creek Valley 139

2. Paxton 137

3. Sidney 75.5

4. Minatare 59

5. Leyton 38

6. Potter-Dix Public 37.5

7. Banner County 26

100 Meters

1. Tanner Crass 12.09 Creek Valley

2. Donnie Moench 12.10 Potter-Dix Public

4. Sam Grabowski 12.38 Creek Valley

5. Beau Wamsley 12.50 Sidney

6. Tucker Graeff 12.55 PR Creek Valley

7. Damien Campos 12.77 PR Sidney

200 Meters

1. Ryan Fox 23.89h Paxton

2. Tanner Crass 24.50h Creek Valley

3. Michael Smith 24.94h Creek Valley

4. Nolan Stoll 25.20h Sidney

6. Noah Knapp 25.68h Creek Valley

7. Dillon Jackson 25.76h Creek Valley

8. Donnie Moench 26.17h Potter-Dix Public

400 Meters

1. Bennett Perlinger 54.89h PR Paxton

3. Josh Kruse 58.65h PR Leyton

4. Cooper Reichman 59.18h PR Creek Valley

6. Zack Burke 1:02.55h PR Sidney

9. Rhett Dykstra 1:03.95h PR Creek Valley

10. John T Herboldsheimer 1:04.25h SR Potter-Dix

11. Cade Knapmiller 1:05.51h PR Sidney

800 Meters

1. Kaden Schow 2:10.46h PR Paxton

3. Zakary Wieser 2:19.81h PR Sidney

6. Quintin Wentz 2:32.14h PRCreek Valley

7. Brandon Mendoza 2:33.74h PRPotter-Dix

8. John T Herboldsheimer 2:43.45h SR Potter-Dix

1600 Meters

1. Deven Sullivan 5:00.91h PR Banner County

2. Cooper Reichman 5:02.19h PR Creek Valley

3. Junior Lucero 5:12.21h PR Sidney

6. Rhett Dykstra 5:47.29h PR Creek Valley

7. Aiden Jenkins 5:47.76h PR Sidney

8. Quintin Wentz 6:25.56h Creek Valley

110 Meter Hurdles

1. Kort Dye 17.03h SR Leyton

2. Patrick Hansen 18.59h PR Creek Valley

4. Pierce Leef 22.50h PR Creek Valley

300 Meter Hurdles

1. Kort Dye 44.90h Leyton

3. Patrick Hansen 46.87h PR Creek Valley

4. Connor Hartzler 46.94h Sidney

5. Trevor Terrell 50.43h Sidney

7. Pierce Leef 52.77h Creek Valley

4x100 Relay

1. Noah Knapp

Tanner Crass

Sam Grabowski

Michael Smith 46.51h Creek Valley

2. Beau Wamsley

Nolan Stoll

Aymen Lahsini

Zakary Wieser 48.75h Sidney

3. Grant Hickman

Terell Gray

Dylan Nielsen

Donnie Moench 48.89h Potter-Dix

4. Justin Ningen

Tucker Graeff

Zack Jackson

Dillon Jackson 50.03h Creek Valley

6. Cody Barnett

Kort Dye

Josh Kruse

Dawson Wiggins 53.95h Leyton

4x400 Relay

1. Bennett Perlinger

Kaden Schow

Ryan Fox

Mason Schimonitz 3:37.13h Paxton

2. Connor Hartzler

Zack Burke

Trevor Terrell

Cade Knapmiller 4:06.56h Sidney

4. Kort Dye

Josh Kruse

Drew Haley

Cody Barnett 4:15.64h Leyton

Long Jump

1. Michael Smith 18-03.50 Creek Valley

2. Dawson Helmer 17-08.50 Paxton

3. Colt Mullen 17-05.50 Paxton

4. Grant Hickman 17-04.00 Potter-Dix Public

5. Noah Knapp 17-01.50 Creek Valley

6. Patrick Hansen 16-08.25 Creek Valley

7. Damien Campos 16-06.00 PR Sidney

8. Zack Jackson 15-04.00 Creek Valley

9. Brandon Mendoza

15-03.00 Potter-Dix

10. Evan VanWinkle 14-06.50 Minatare

Triple Jump

1. Michael Smith 37-04.25 Creek Valley

2. Patrick Hansen 36-04.25 Creek Valley

3. Colt Mullen 35-03.00 Paxton

4. Justin Ningen 33-02.00 PR Creek Valley

5. Damien Campos

33-01.75 Sidney

6. Evan VanWinkle

32-10.75 SR Minatare

7. Dayo Kennedy 32-02.00 Paxton

8. John T Herboldsheimer 31-00.00 SRPotter-Dix

9. Taygan Gray 30-05.25 Sidney

10. Drew Haley 29-03.50 Leyton

Women's Results

1. Sidney 106

2. Potter-Dix 96

3. Creek Valley 95

4. Leyton 85

5. Banner County 46

6. Minatare 43

7.Paxton 31

100 Meters

1. Payje Misegadis 13.76h SR Creek Valley

2. Abbie Johnson 13.81h PR Sidney

3. Trinity Langley 14.01h SRPotter-Dix

6. Lorelei Heineman 14.25h PR Sidney

7. Janay Brauer 14.52h Sidney

8. Chloe Stupka 14.70h Creek Valley

200 Meters

1. Payge Hoffman 28.52h PRPotter-Dix

2. Payje Misegadis 28.70h Creek Valley

3. Lorelei Heineman 30.34h Sidney

5. Janay Brauer 31.57h Sidney

6. KK Fletcher 31.72h Creek Valley

7. Taylor Stupka 33.48h Creek Valley

400 Meters

1. Madelyn Watchorn 1:07.40h Leyton

2. Jersie Misegadis 1:09.38h Creek Valley

3. Elly Weimer 1:13.28h PR Sidney

4. Kelcie VanAnne 1:14.50h PR Leyton

5. Fedalina Schuessler 1:14.94h PRPotter-Dix

6. Kollyn Weimer 1:15.00h PR Sidney

7. Sami Schmid 1:15.09h PR Creek Valley

8. KK Fletcher 1:15.62h Creek Valley

9. Lauren Beatty 1:15.90h PR Sidney

800 Meters

1. 9 Adrian Eakins 2:40.47h PR Paxton

2. 10 Megan Ernest 2:43.00h PR Leyton

3. 9 Raschelle Magdaleno 2:47.90h Minatare

4. 11 Destinee Henke 2:48.34h PR Leyton

5. 9 Kimberly Gutierrez 2:49.07h Sidney

6. 11 Jackie Martinez 3:05.15h Minatare

7. 9 Jillian Ehlers 3:09.82h PR Leyton

1600 Meter Relay

1. Adrian Eakins 6:11.19h Paxton

2. Danielle Higgins 6:40.65h Leyton

4. Mary Kasten 7:00.50h PR Potter-Dix P

6. Michaela Rotert 7:06.09h Potter-Dix Public

7. Carly Fortune 7:14.20h PR Leyton

3200 Meter Relay

1.Cheyanne Knisley 13:48.59h PR Banner County

3. Michaela Rotert 15:35.46h SR Potter-Dix

4. Reagan Williams 15:48.17h Potter-Dix

100 Meter Hurdles

1. Caitlyn Mueller 17.02h PR Creek Valley

2. Madelyn Watchorn 17.06h Leyton

3. Payge Hoffman 17.77h Potter-Dix Public

5. Grace Greenwood 19.01h Creek Valley

6. Miranda Ahrendt 19.99h Sidney

7. Fedalina Schuessler 20.66h Potter-Dix

300 Meter Hurdles

1. Caitlyn Mueller 50.02h PR Creek Valley

2. Madelyn Watchorn 51.75h Leyton

3. Grace Greenwood 57.94h Creek Valley

4. Callie Kriha 1:01.70h Paxton

5. Fedalina Schuessler 1:04.44h Potter-Dix Public

6. Marissa Borchard 1:05.66h PR Sidney

4x100 Meter Relay

1. Caitlyn Mueller

Jersie Misegadis

Chloe Stupka

Payje Misegadis 54.19h Creek Valley

2. Abbie Johnson

Lorelei Heineman

Jaylee Shaw

Janay Brauer 57.34h Sidney

3. Payge Hoffman

Fedalina Schuessler

Kelsey Hoffman

Trinity Langley 59.82h Potter-Dix Public

4. Kelcie VanAnne

Raina Hartwig

Carly Fortune

Ariauna Maestas 1:07.13h Leyton

4x400 Meter Relay

1. Megan Ernest

Danielle Higgins

Destinee Henke

Madelyn Watchorn 4:47.70h Leyton

3. Aleigha Wachtel

Jaecee Drapal

Elly Weimer

Kollyn Weimer 5:01.51h Sidney

4x800 Meter Relay

1. Danielle Higgins

Destinee Henke

Jillian Ehlers

Megan Ernest 11:57.28h Leyton

2. Virginia Herboldsheimer

Mary Kasten

Michaela Rotert

Reagan Williams 13:26.52h Potter-Dix

Shot Put

1. MaKenna Dahlgrin 38-08.00 Banner County

2. Delanie Namuth 30-10.50 Sidney

3. Felicity Beyer 29-02.50 PR Sidney

4. Mariah Draper 28-00.00 Leyton

5. Catie Koenen 27-03.50 Creek Valley

7. Emma Ramsey 26-08.50 Sidney

8. Sami Schmid 26-08.00 Creek Valley

10. Mikayla Lee 23-08.00 PR Potter-Dix


1. MaKenna Dahlgrin 38-08.00 Banner County

2. Delanie Namuth

30-10.50 Sidney

3. Felicity Beyer 29-02.50 PR Sidney

4. Mariah Draper 28-00.00 Leyton

5. Catie Koenen 27-03.50 Creek Valley

7. Emma Ramsey 26-08.50 Sidney

8.Sami Schmid 26-08.00 Creek Valley

10. Mikayla Lee 23-08.00 PR Potter-Dix

High Jump

1. Trinity Langley 5-02.00 SR Potter-Dix

2. Aleigha Wachtel 4-08.00 PR Sidney

3. Kollyn Weimer 4-04.00 PR Sidney

4. KK Fletcher 4-04.00 Creek Valley

5. Elly Weimer 4-02.00 PR Sidney


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