City Prepares to Chip Seal Streets


Starting Monday, July 2, through Wednesday, July 11, weather permitting, the Sidney Street Department will be preparing for and chip sealing the following areas:

Alvarado Rd. from 11th Ave. to Summit Dr.,

Coronado Court from San Marino Rd. to Solano Dr.,

Country Club Dr. from 11th Ave. to Dead End,

El Rancho Rd. from Lodgepole Rd. to Concrete,

Laredo Ln. from Country Club Dr. to Summit Dr.,

Lodgepole Rd. from 11th Ave. to Trail Rd.,

Mission Dr.. from Laredo Ln. to El Rancho Rd.,

Monte Vista Dr. from Summit Dr. to El Rancho Rd.,

Monterey Dr. from Summit Dr. to Dead End,

Palomino Place from Laredo Ln. to El Rancho Rd.,

Parkview Dr. from 11th Ave. to Country Club Dr.,

Pasadena Place from to 11th Ave. to Monte Vista Dr.,

San Marino Rd. half circle,

Solano Rd. from San Marino Rd. to El Rancho Rd.,

Summit Dr. from Alvarado Rd. to Concrete,

Trail Rd. from Lodgepole Rd. to Concrete,

Verde Ln. east from Summit Dr. to Country Club Dr.,

Verde Ln. west from Summit Dr. to Pasadena Place,

Osage St. from 10th Ave. to Keller Dr.,

Pine St. from 10th Ave. east to Concrete,

11th Ave. from Illinois St. to Newton St. and

Newton St. from 630 feet west of 23rd Ave. to Concrete.

The street department will be doing final preparation for chip sealing on Monday, July 2 through Friday, July 6, and chip sealing on July 9 through 11. The public’s cooperation in removing all vehicles from the street prior to these dates will be greatly appreciated.

All vehicles, trailers and campers must be removed from the streets prior to 6 a.m. each morning to avoid being towed at the owner’s expense. The streets will be blocked off on the day of the chip sealing application.

The city asks that no water be allowed to run into the gutters or streets on the days leading up to and the day of the application. Residents are asked to refrain from parking on the street during this time.

For more information, please contact the Street Department at (308) 254-6377, or the City Office at (308) 254-5300.


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