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School Board Recognizes Students

Sidney Public Schools' top students were recognized at the board of education meeting Monday.

The student recognitions were through the Sidney Middle/Senior High School Monthly Performance Award Program.

The Monthly Perfor-mance Award acknowledges other criteria as well as achievement. These criteria are:

- Superior academic performance, (or), dramatic improvement of classroom work, G.P.A. or attitude toward learning. Exceptional work effort toward a particular class project.

- Outstanding Contri-bution to the class.

- Leadership exhibited in the class/school.

- Citizenship emphasized and modeled.

- Service to school.

Recognized for the March Performance Awards, with nomination comments, were:

7th Grade

Matt Carlson

Matthew Carlson has been nominated as the 7th grade student of the month. We find Matthew to be a very positive student who always strives to do his best. The accountability he demonstrates in the classroom sends out a very positive message to other students and to his teachers. Matthew is always ready to help other students and always does so in a very encouraging manner. He leads by example and is an outstanding student. Matthew is the son of Rev. Neil and Abby Carlson.

8th Grade

Hannah Mortensen

Hannah Mortensen has been chosen as Sidney Middle School's 8th grade Student of the Month for April. Hannah has consistently displayed the qualities that we find desirable of a student representing Sidney Middle School. Not only does Hannah excel in her academics, she also demonstrates strong leadership qualities with her classmates.  She is always willing to constructively help her classmates and shows kindness when others falter. Hannah, without a doubt, is a hardworking, dedicated student.

In our experience with Hannah, she has been respectful to teachers and other students.  Her positive attitude, excellent work ethics, leadership, and patience with others make her an excellent choice for student of the month.  Hannah is the daughter of Brett and Hayley Mortensen.

9th Grad

Karalyn Stevens

Kara was nominated because she is an outstanding student academically! She stays on task during class time, using her time wisely to get as much done as she can and she turns her work in on time. She isn't afraid to ask for help when she needs it and makes sure she understands what is expected. She is quiet and attentive during instruction time, but works well with any student in the class when there is cooperative work to be done. She has a great attitude and is a joy in class. She is a member on the Cross Country, Basketball, and Track teams. She would like to go to college and get a philosophy degree or a degree in art. Karalyn is the daughter of Greg & Anne Stevens.

10th Grade

Trey Douglas

Trey is an excellent student and was selected based on his academic performance, and classroom effort. He is responsible, polite, courteous, conscientious, and respectful.

He was a member of the Golf and Cross Country teams. He enjoys being able to talk to teachers about assignments and anything at any time.

He plans on going to college somewhere in Nebraska and hopefully golfing in college.

Trey is the son of Dale & Ronda Douglas.

11th Grade

Thomas Short

Thomas was selected based on his academic performance, and leadership. He is a member of Band, Choir, Sidney singers, Speech, and One acts. He is always cheerful and pleasant to all. I plan to go to college with an undecided major. Thomas is the son of Trent & Terri Short.

12th Grade – Haley Thies

Haley was nominated because of her effort and dramatic improvement. She continues to make improvements in classroom participation, attendance and attitude. She is planning on working at Here Wee Grow this summer and attending UNK in the fall. Haley is the daughter of Tracy Mendell & Mike Thies.


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