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When Trouble Comes

Recently, I received a card from a dear young friend. On the front of the card was a big bright sunflower. In the card, she noted this thought: “Sunflowers follow the sun…but did you know that when it is cloudy and gray, they face each other and share their energy….”. Of course, this turned my thoughts to the present times. Throughout the cloudy and gray days of this pandemic, people have turned toward each other, sharing their energy and their love with their friends, neighbors and complete strangers. We know the source of that love comes from our Lord.

In 1 Peter 4:12 we read, “ Beloved, be not surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you…….”.

You notice it doesn’t say “if” the fiery trial comes upon you. It says “when” the fiery trial comes upon you. We all experience trials and hardships off and on throughout our lives. These hard times can bring growth and strength in our lives. Also, the pain of hard times can often alert us to things that aren’t right in our lives.

None of us can pretend to know God’s thoughts throughout these times. However, we do know that trials do not mean that God has abandoned us; trials do not mean God doesn’t love us; trials do not mean that God is not with us. Quite the contrary. I like to think of God as being like a mother with a sick child. When that child is hurting, the mother’s focus is especially on that child. When we are hurting , God is especially close, gently caring for us.

Lord God, in the midst of trials and persecution, keep our hearts and minds stayed on you, our only refuge. Amen.


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