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By Steve Lissner

Lissner Rebuts Benson's Viewpoint


December 2, 2020

In the 11 November 2020 issue of the Sidney Sun-Telegraph, Mr. Benson again willingly and gladly reveals his ignorance and open bias against Israel, this time using “education” and schools with the examples of the Arab-controlled Gaza Strip and the Palestine Authority controlled areas within Israel.

Both Hamas, which militarily controls Gaza, and the PA have disgustingly proven records of vile, anti-Israel and anti-Jewish messages within their “educational” materials and within their schools and repression and oppression of its own people, many of whom are Christians. Both organizations unashamedly glorify the murders of Israelis by terrorist bombers and pay them murder money for those acts. Mr. Benson again fails to write these facts.

Mr. Benson remains entranced by, fascinated by, and unabashedly regurgitates the propaganda of Arab individuals, organizations, and institutions. Does Mr. Benson read Arabic to definitely know the accuracy of the people and organizations which he quotes? Who translated those school teachings into English? Benson has chosen to ignore that fact or decided not to reveal the person organization. And, who is Abdel-Rahman Al-Shanti, whom Benson so lovingly portrays as a rap singing youngster? A deliberately inaccurate portrayal of many Arabs. Does he know the boy’s views and thoughts about Christians, Jews and Israel, which he learned in the anti-Western, anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, anti-Israel schools in Gaza? I doubt it.

And, what of Marcello Di Cintio, who describes himself as “... a free lance writer”? He is a man with a decidedly and openly pro-”Palestinian” view of the Mideast, Arabs and Jews and Israel. He participated in Pro-Palestinian” writers’ workshops and won awards from them, a man who has never written nothing positive about Jews and Israel. Mr. Benson’s sources are laughable and pitiable.

Does Mr. Benson know that the Arab Republic of Egypt has closed its border closing 14 times within the past 15 years because of terrorists coming from Gaza into Egypt? And, if Mr. Benson does know about Egypt’s border closings, why does he not reveal that fact? I judge that he chooses to ignore that fact and to portray Arabs as wonderful, loving people who show no malice to anyone or any group and do not willingly murder others or incite violence against others, because if his inherent and obvious dislike, hatred of Israel and Jews. A deliberately inaccurate portrayal of many Arabs. And, he does take every opportunity to demonstrate his hatred.

Gaza is a total, dangerous, and deadly basket case because its rule, Hamas, for the past 15 years, runs a militaristic and intolerant regime, which oppresses, represses and terrorizes its own people. The Hamas regime willingly denies its people basic humanitarian needs, suppresses basic freedoms, and uses any received revenue to enhance its military capabilities. Mr. Benson writes nothing about this regime. Again, he shows his willingness to ignore and acceptance of Arab oppression of its own people, and present Israel negatively.

Every “article” which Mr. Benson presents and the Sidney Sun-Telegraph prints demonstrates and reinforces his very obvious and, oh, so sickeningly “nice” views about Arabs and derogatory and negative views of Jews and Israel. Benson’s hatred of Jews and Israel remain paramount for him.


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