Writer Stands Against 'No Parking' Effort


In reference to the “No Parking” Approved article on June 2, 2021, I want to point out that truckers are a vital part of our local economy. Rather than make more rules to make their lives more difficult, it would seem a better approach would be to find ways to accommodate and help them.

Everything we eat, every purchase we make is brought to our localities by a trucker. They are on serious time constraints and unfortunately don’t always have access to restrooms or places to take their breaks or easily dump their trash. I would suggest that the city council members and even the Chief of Police, go on a 24 hour long haul trip with a trucker to better understand the challenges they have. It seems that it would be very easy for the city to be more supportive of the truckers who come into Sidney.

Place more dumpsters in those areas for them and mark them clearly as “for the truckers who do so much for us, please dump your trash here”. Perhaps more signage to direct them to better parking areas would also be an easy way to guide them out of the way of the loading docks rather than just putting up “No Parking” signs.

We all depend on those truckers. It would be nice to see the city recognize that and support them.

Lonnie Dallegge

Chappell, NE


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