Woke or Awakened? How?


The Woke Generation has the idea the truth is long absent, or at least such is implied on the public platform.

There is this idea that history doesn’t tell the whole story. They might be right, in part.

I remember years ago reading a philosopher’s opinion that history is written by the conqueror, or winner, in any given contest. That part makes sense, or is at least understandable. Pick a country, or geographic region, where its current makeup came about because of conquest. There will be the “official” history accounts and history according to those considered minority. The truth is often a blend of both accounts.

The parameters aren’’t limited to the last 20 years or so. I was struck in recent days by comics of children upset that if they weren’t taught such and such, what else are they deprived of. It kind of made me feel, blessed, maybe a little old, that I had history teachers who taught factually.

The facts in history, anywhere in human history, have periods and events that are not pleasant. The same populations known for art and architecture achievements are also known for their brutality against those who didn’t meekly follow. Almost without exception, there are examples of the oppressor and the oppressed in the same community, same race.

So who “woke” people to being oppressed and discriminated against? Oddly enough, a similar example occurred in the early, early days of humanity. As it is written in the Bible, human existence was pretty young when things went sour. Free to roam paradise on earth aka The Garden, Adam and Eve were “woke.” Through a series of events, they learned they were naked and got busy making coverings.

The interesting part is when encountered by God, they had no answer. “Who told you you were naked?” They had no answer to offer, except maybe admitting guilt and failure and that wasn’t going to happen. It soon became the “kick the dog” example: The man hits his hand with a hammer and in pain and frustration yells. His wife thinks he is mad at her and yells at their son, who follows suit and kicks the dog who was quietly napping in the doorway. Adam blamed Eve, (and God indirectly) who blamed the serpent. But the quick answer is when asked what awakened their realization of being naked, they didn’t know.

The same question should be asked now. Who said you’re a victim, being discriminated against? No, we’re not a perfect society. We’re imperfect people doing the best we can. There are chapters in history we would all like to forget. However, leaving it in the history books also reminds us we still have work to do. We’re not guaranteed a free ride through life; just an opportunity to pursue our dreams under the U.S. Constitution.

Knowing who is telling us how to think is linked to the integrity of the message. The motivation of the messenger tells much about the integrity of the words. What does the messenger have to gain?

Be clear. I’m not dismissing those who have or are experiencing racism. Nor am I saying there shouldn’t be a deliberate effort toward equality — equality of opportunity, not of success. Success still comes through planning and hard work.In addition, I question the apparently evolving tide of generational anger that has come to the surface. If that is the case, what good comes from holding onto hurt for not just years, but from great-grandparents to your children? The generational pain isn’t limited to one group, just as there are those who have worked to leave the past behind them and move on.

Spend too much time focused on the hard times and that is all you see. Live recognizing not everyone who is different is the enemy; sometimes they are just... different.


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