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By Steve Erdman
District 47 Senator 

Straight Talk From Steve

Time to Fire the State Board of Education


August 11, 2021 | View PDF

The time has come to formally call for the resignations of every member of the Nebraska State Board of Education, including Education Commissioner, Matthew Blomstedt. Each of the members of the Nebraska State Board of Education needs to resign because the board has failed to listen to the people of Nebraska, failed to adequately reform the sex education standards, and has failed to educate Nebraska’s students. Instead of doing what the vast majority of the people want and what is best for our students, they have insisted upon promoting their own Left-wing ideological agenda while failing to adequately educate Nebraska’s K-12 students.

When it comes to analyzing the second draft of the State Board of Education’s sex education standards, I am reminded of the old song, “I’m Henry the Eighth, I Am,” especially the line which says, “Second verse, same as the first!” Second draft, same as the first. Instead of removing LGBTQ+ activists from the drafting committee, the State Board of Education has relied upon them to write the second draft. For instance, the group Sexual Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS), which is an LGBTQ+ advocacy group who helped write the first draft, contributed to the wording of the second draft. SIECUS cares absolutely nothing about the concerns of Nebraska’s parents; they only care about promoting their own LGBTQ+ agenda, which is overtly stated on their website. Once again, missing from the writing committee were conservative parents, private school administrators, and clergy.

The second draft of the sex education curriculum effectively changed nothing. For instance, section H.E. 7.7.2.d of the standards teaches students to: “Recognize that biological sex and gender identity may or may not differ.” Worded this way, the new state standards will allow even the most extreme activists for the LGBTQ+ movement to indoctrinate students inside our schools with their own views on sexual orientation and gender identity. Nebraska’s parents asked the State Board of Education to remove this item altogether, not to reword it in a more palatable and less offensive way. So, the board has refused to listen to the people.

The Nebraska State Board of Education has failed to adequately educate our students. Instead of writing pro-LGBTQ+ sex education curriculum, the Nebraska State Board of Education should have concerned themselves with improving education in Nebraska. When it comes to educating our children, Nebraska is the worst state in the country, including Washington, D.C. But you do not have to accept this ranking from me; instead, accept it from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). You may view their ranking yourself online by going to:

Two weeks ago I attended the ALEC convention for state legislators in Salt Lake City, Utah only to learn how terrible our education system is in Nebraska. According to ALEC, Nebraska ranks 51st in the nation for educational performance. The ALEC Report Card ranks each state’s educational system according eight different criteria, and when those criteria are added up, Nebraska ranks as the absolute worst educational system in America.

Missing from the ALEC criteria was anything having to do with promoting an LGBTQ+ agenda for the State. Instead, the folks at ALEC focus on matters that are actually relevant to education. Therefore, what the ALEC ranking tells me is that our State Board of Education has been spending far too much time catering to the LGBTQ+ activists and promoting their own Left-wing agenda for our State and not spending nearly enough time working on improving educational standards in our State. It is downright shameful that Nebraska should have the worst education system in America!

Because the Nebraska State Board of Education has insisted upon flinging the door wide open for the LGBTQ+ activists to indoctrinate our students, and because the State Board of Education has refused to listen to the vast majority of Nebraska’s parents, and because the State Board of Education has given us the worst education system in America, each and every member of the State Board of Education, including the Education Commissioner needs to resign immediately.


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