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By Mike Sunderland
Thoughts from a Grey-haired Point of View 

I Will Not Apologize


August 25, 2021 | View PDF

I’ve held off as long I could before writing this article, and I will not apologize. For the second time in my life I feel ashamed of my nation’s government, both Democrat and Republican, and I will not apologize. The craven act of cowardice by our federal government in surrendering Afghanistan to the Taliban terrorist organization is, without a doubt, the blackest and most shameful act of our country’s central government.

We were not defeated on the field of battle. We were not over born at the negotiating table. Our top national leader, President Biden, caved to a political philosophy that has no sense of honor… only a sense of over powering self-centeredness. And I add, a total over bearing attitude of how all knowing they are and how stupid they believe you and I to be.

I know my parents and ancestors are spinning in their graves with anger and shame. From the war for independence to each and every war our nation has fought to the war in Viet Nam and our stand in Bosnia and Afghanistan (yes I had a grand daughter who served there!), they and I stood strong for the values of individual freedom and for the protection of those unable to defend themselves. This and so much more was thrown away by President Biden and the Democrats.

And, for what? This was a act of virtue signaling by Biden and Company. Pure and simple. Period. As if that was not vile enough, the pull out of American forces was done so rapidly and chaotically that we left behind millions of dollars of state-of-the-art weapons and equipment: including night vision devises, attack helicopters, combat vests, 1,000’s of rifles, tons of ammunition, and God only knows what else! Just how stupid is our national leadership?

Now our allies around the world are questioning whether or not they can rely on America to stand with them. Biden and Co. just flushed our reputation down the drain.

I do not like war. Never did. Never will. But when my country takes a stand to defeat an enemy I fully expect it to complete the job. I, and my generation, was let down by a cowardly national government when we fled Viet Nam and left it to the Chinese communists.

An old saying goes: Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. It is obvious that our national leaders flunked world and American history. Unfortunately, untold thousands, maybe millions, of people around the world are going to pay the price for Biden’s and the Democrats’ failing and flailing policies.

There may come a day, and probably not too far off, when America will call out for help from our former allies. Will they respond and send aid? Or, will they most likely turn their backs on us, as our national government has done on Afghanistan?

America has been betrayed by the current national government – both Democrat and Republican. I have yet to hear much of any rebuttal from the Republican Party. If Donald Trump had done such an act the entire nation would have instantly called for his impeachment, and rightly so. It is time for Americans of all political persuasions to stand up and demand the impeachment of Joe Biden, and every politician that is backing him, regardless of party affiliation.

So, I will not apologize for this article. I will stand against any and all who cause shame to the nation of America that I and many of my family defended in war and peace.

How say you?


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