By Forrest Hershberger
Publisher, Sun-Telegraph 

Beans & Steams Coffee House Planning Changes

Owners Seeking New 'Caretaker'


September 1, 2021

North of Cabela’s and with Interstate 80 in view stands a “watering hole” offering a variety of coffee and smoothies, and alcoholic options. It is designed as a meeting place of friends, business associates, or just a quick coffee while traveling the interstate.

Since the day Beans & Steams Coffee House came to life it has been a local couple’s dream to give Sidney and the surrounding community a place to gather and enjoy a treat with family and friends or quick and friendly service in a drive through. At the time, Sidney had no “home town” coffee shop and many other businesses were falling on hard times because of the Cabela’s situation, said Pat and Sharrell Keane, owners of Beans and Steams Coffee House. The Keanes were wanting to invest in the community and open a location where people could spend time. It would be a location for conversations and for casual business.

On Dec. 13, 2019 the dream came to life and this community responded and supported that dream in a big way, but soon after opening COVID– 19 began to get its grip on the United States and things got tough quick.

“Once COVID – 19 started to stifle businesses in Sidney and surrounding area, our community rallied once again and came out strong to support not only Beans & Steams, but all local businesses!” said co-owner Pat Keane “It was so heartwarming to watch and really proved to us what we always believed, this community rallies in tough times and we are so proud to be a part of it! It has been our hope from the beginning that Beans & Steams Coffee House would always have a great caretaker because this community and our award-winning team deserve it.”

He continued to say, “Now that the dream is alive and doing well, the time has come for new caretakers (owners) to continue the Beans & Steams Coffee House dream. We are hoping someone with the same passion for community will carry on the tradition and keep this rolling for Sidney.”

Pat says they are remaining in Sidney, the town they grew up in, and would love to offer training and support to the new caretakers.


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