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By Mike Sunderland
Thoughts from a Grey-haired Point of View 

Now What!


September 15, 2021

There is no shadow of a doubt in my mind that President Joe Biden should be impeached as a result of the mishandling of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

He and his top dogs in the cabinet are trying to shrug it off. He has tried to shift attention away from himself and his administration by pointing fingers at former President Trump and his administration.

That and any other excuses that may be presented just won’t fly. As President, Biden is the Supreme Commander. Period. The buck stops with him.

I do not believe I’ve made a hasty a judgment; rather I’m alternately sad and angry. As an American military veteran (Navy, Vietnam Era) I’m well aware of the impact that decisions made by the Commander in Chief can have.

During this time I’ve watched our Commander in Chief present to the nation and the world a most pitiful picture of incompetence. On top of all else, it seems that President Biden cannot deliver a coherent sentence, much less a speech without reading it. Maybe that is the reason he is refusing to take questions after his verbal pronouncements.

The absolutely needless rush to abandon Afghanistan to the Taliban, along with billions of dollars of state of the art equipment paid for by our tax dollars, coupled with the needless loss of American lives that has resulted from Biden’s total mismanagement is more than enough reason to call for his immediate impeachment.

President Biden, along with the members of his cabinet, miscellaneous advisors, have absolutely ruined America’s standing in the international community. Biden can try to shift the blame from himself and place it on President Trump, or onto his cabinet and advisors, etc.

That excuse will not stand. As Commander in Chief the buck stops with him. He is the one that gives the orders, not his cabinet and advisors. (All this makes you wonder who is really in control of our national government.)

Do I think he will be impeached? If the current Democratically-controlled Federal government along with the liberal controlled mass media (majority of news outlets, including Google, Facebook, etc.) don’t do their utmost to bury and obstruct the calls for Biden’s impeachment, impeachment proceedings must go forward. The American people, regardless of political affiliation, absolutely must call for Biden’s impeachment.

Unfortunately, sadly, and profoundly disturbing will be the selection of his replacement. Our Vice President is not functioning on all cylinders either. We don’t need a laughing clown as president. And God help us if the final outcome passes the reins to Pelosi.

America has faced some difficult times in our history, but I do believe we have never faced anything as horrendously pitiful as our present national leader, vice president and their staffs.

And finally, the shameful display of disrespect President Biden staged during the movement of our brave American dead, looking at his watch more than once… may God forgive him… I can’t.

I also wonder what kind of backbone our so-called Republican representatives have. Will they mutter and murmur on national media and then continue to be the do-nothings they seem to have become. God help us.

With pitifully few exceptions both Republicans and Democrats do not seem willing to stand up and do what is right and proper.

We better start praying loud and long for the future state of our nation. In between your prayers, call and write our Senators and Congressmen and let them know what you demand of them.

Kick them off dead center and get them moving as our representatives and not just another flock of bought-by-big business chickens.

I repeat: Biden must be held accountable.


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