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By Mike Sunderland
Thoughts from a Grey-haired Point of View 

The Ruling Class


November 17, 2021 | View PDF

Humans tend to have a rather bad trait that often raises its nasty head.

Shortly after God created the human race certain members of this new creation determined that they were better than anyone else and therefore the power to rule over one and all was theirs, and theirs alone. Even before the tower of Babel some people were attempting to gain power over others.

This tendency has continued throughout history unto today. Kingships and dictatorships, regardless of the title, they all establish control of a minority over all. The founding fathers of America did their best to reduce this tendency to a tolerable minimum.

They fashioned a system of government that split the various roles of government on the national level into segments that were to mutually keep each of the parts in their intended place as set forth in the framework of the Constitution of the United States.

The continent was already divided into states and regions, even before the concept of a United States of America was formulated. Each state pretty much ruled its own area and citizens under the over lordship of the British crown and Parliament. When independence from Britain was gained the question became: As a common body what do we do to replace British ruler ship?

The answer was found in creating a brand new, never-before-seen form of national government, one in which the freedoms of the individual states and the citizens of those states were protected from overreach by what became the federal government.

As this process was underway three men wrote a series of articles that have become known as The Federalist Papers. In them Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison discussed a multitude of aspects of the future form and nature of the new national government in a total of 85 essays. The hardback edition is 405 pages long, so you know the subject under scrutiny was not taken lightly.

I highly recommend you get a copy and read it.

One of the subjects intensely and thoroughly discussed was the problem of keeping the proposed national government under control. After their experience with the British, the recently-liberated Americans were not inclined to institute any similar form.

The Federalist Papers discussed that issue at length. By the time the Constitution of the United States of America was adopted those fears were pretty much laid to rest.

Nonetheless the authors, along with many others over the following decades, warned Americans to keep a sharp eye on the federal system of government. They knew any form of national government has a tendency to grow in size and control over the general population. Such is the case we face today.

Our federal government has grown so large, pervasive and invasive as to be a hair’s width away from being a dictatorship.

Now add another dimension to the problem of maintaining our freedoms. Take a hard look at who is now in control of an extremely large portion of our news media and public avenues of discourse (also known as the Internet). Most of our radio and TV networks are controlled by companies whose top leadership believe you and I are too stupid to know how to run a school board, much less a national government.

I don’t have the space in these articles to present all of the evidence, but it should be clear to any rational person that there is a cohesive theme that is present in the majority of our TV, radio, Internet and most print media. To put it bluntly, the theme is “you are too stupid to know how to run your lives, much less your government.

Therefore we, who are smarter, better educated and richer than you are going to tell you what we want you to know. We will tell you what to think, how to think and what to do. If you do not bend to our will, we will make your life miserable and chase you into the dark closet, and lock the door.”

Is that statement a bit overboard? Take a good hard long look at our nation’s state and then decide what you need to do. If you decide to do nothing, are content with the way things are going… don’t complain to me, and those of like mind, when you find yourself living under a totalitarian dictatorship. We are just a couple of short steps away from one.


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