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By Mike Sunderland
Thoughts from a Grey-haired Point of View 

Code of the Rest


November 24, 2021 | View PDF

Below is a poem I wrote about 15 years ago.

I saw then that some of what has hit this country in the last few years was already in the works. I never thought the poem would be such a correct prediction of the way things are now.

Titled “Code of the Rest,” it provides what I believe to be a fair comparison between the radical socialist left and the moderate conservative right.

Forget the Code of the West, the Code of the Rest is best. Honor is out, we compromise. Morality is out, we surmise. Every thing is relative including them. Get a bigger kick, divorce her or him. Forget the Code of the West, Integrity for us is a failed test. Put yourself first and take all you can get. Make your children last and first your pet. Responsibility is a thing of the past. Whine, whimper, and the blame game is a blast. If you’re trustworthy, we don’t want you. If you’re loyal, helpful, you won’t do. The Code of West has been laid to rest. Today we all adhere to the Code of the Rest. We don’t need truth, honesty, loyalty. Friendly? Courteous? Kind? All out of style, We’re not gonna take a step to go the extra mile. Only obey convenience, gripe at the cheerful. Be spend-thrifty, cowardly, and have a foul mouthful of irreverent disrespect for those prepared. The mentally awake, morally straight will not be spared. The followers of the Code of the Rest are out to get the brave, the few, the Best.

The poem gives us a concise comparison between the two major movements in America. We need to understand that one of them started in the early part of the 1900’s. The front page headline of the U.S. edition of the Daily Worker of Nov. 8, 1928, read “Communist Party Doubles Vote In New York City.” Fancy that! Between then and WWII the movement lost some steam, but continued to grow.

Members of the party went underground so-to-speak and joined various labor unions and other legitimate organizations. When WWII came along the U.S. spent billions of dollars and lost an untold number of lives while shipping Lend-Lease equipment and supplies to the U.S.S.R.

How were we repaid? We never were. The Communists grabbed Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and other parts of Europe and expanded into the Orient, eventually installing a Communist controlled China, Vietnam and North Korea.

Their movement in the U.S. for the most part went underground during the Korean and Vietnam wars, briefly surfacing during the Vietnam War protests. (I’ll tell you about the ones in San Francisco some time… I was there when they happened.)

Time moved on and it seemed as if the Communist/Socialist threat was all but gone. Hah!

They simply changed tactics and moved into the more acceptable political movements, also known as the ultra left wing of the Democratic Party, among other groups. Most of it is not overt in your face obvious but promotes the party line through innocent sounding programs and agendas.

Among them is the critical race theory to brainwash our youth into believing lies about the fundamental foundations upon which our nation and governmental system is based, among other lies.

This is only one small part of the extreme left (socialist) agenda that is being forced upon us by our current federal government.

The other part of the movement that seems to be disconnected to the above is all of the violent protests that tore apart some major cities in various states. The liberal mass media would have you believe that these were spontaneous actions by disenfranchised racial and social groups. Nothing could be further from the truth. They were well organized by extreme left members of our society, often weeks and months ahead of the attacks on our social structure. And there is nothing anti-fascist about Antifa, they are as fascist an organization as they come.

What is really disturbing is how the majority of our news media deliberately missed the mark on these events. And you say, “Really? What the heck are you getting at?” Go back and study how the Marxist Communist movement gained power in Russia and in China.

The exact same things are happening in the U.S.A. True they are not labeling themselves as Communists or Socialists.

Their programs and their methods are identical. Another hint is how the far left politicians are bowing to them, or outright backing them (Bernie Sanders, A.O.C. and the Squad come to mind) to say nothing about President Biden’s agenda. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck…

If they are not stopped and soon, you can count on our federal government (now under the control of far leftists) moving our nation rapidly into the mold of another Venezuela, or North Korean style of government and slavery for the common man, i.e. you and I.

Far fetched? Take a good hard look and ask yourself: Are you willing to stand idly by and watch it happen in the next few years? The future of America is in your hands. What will you do?


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