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By Forrest Hershberger
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Local Pastor Appointed to National Board

Dan Carlson Adds Another 'Hat' to Collection


December 15, 2021 | View PDF

The lifestyle of rural Nebraska often includes people wearing multiple hats. The shop mechanic might be a board member in a non-profit organization, a “big-brother” in a mentoring program, and a pastor of a country church.

One such example of multiple hats and a wealth of history was recently promoted to a national board.

Dan Carlson is known by any of several hats. He is a writer and columnist, weather forecaster with his own page and serves as pastor to the Immanuel Lutheran Church at Weyerts and United Church of the Plains in Dalton.

Recently his “hat collection” expanded to include member of the national board of directors of the Open Bible Churches (OBC) denomination. He learned of his appointment last summer, and attended his first meeting in November. He represents the OBC's Mountain Plains Region, including North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and New Mexico.

“The invitation came out of the blue,” Carlson said. “It wasn't something I sought or had even given thought to. “I went to November’s meeting not knowing what to expect. I came away very impressed. President Bach has assembled an incredibly diverse board in terms of race, gender, skill sets and life experiences. I’m excited to see what this assembly of extremely talented individuals will accomplish with God’s help.”

Randall Bach, president of the OBC in Des Moines, Iowa, said the church went through a recent restructuring. Church leaders decided they wanted a broader representation; diversity ethnically and socially, including a better balance of rural and urban membership on the national board.

“We just felt Dan (Carlson) would add to that flavor, of the board,” Bach said.

The OBC has about 800 pastors and is present in more than 1,500 countries worldwide. Bach estimates the church has fewer than 20 missionaries outside of the U.S. He clarified that church focuses on what he calls “indigenous missionaries.” People are sent to locations across the world to train local people to carry on the church.

“Our job is to work ourselves out of a job,” he said.

He said the OBC has career missionaries, “at-large” and short-term. An at-large missionary is someone who accepts an assignment of up to six-months, and short-term several days to a couple of weeks.

Bach commends Carlson for his curiosity, confidence and his ability as a communicator.

In addition to having two books out, Carlson is also a weekly columnist for the Sidney Sun-Telegraph.


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