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By Mike Sunderland
Thoughts from a Grey-haired Point of View 

Not Right


January 19, 2022 | View PDF

Here’s a short story to illustrate a dangerous trend being foisted on America.

Hesitatingly he walked into the Java Shoppe.

His downcast eyes refused to make contact with the patrons. Trying not to draw attention to himself he stopped inside the door and moved into the shadows. Minutes passed before the strange young man moved out of the shadows and slowly walked in to take a seat at the counter.

Normally I would not have paid much attention to him. He did not appear to be any more or less than other customers in the Shoppe. Yet I felt compelled to observe him. His clothes are not all that strange or out of the ordinary. No one would be the least interested by his mode of dress – not colorful or drab, neither revealing or concealing, or attention compelling. I have to find out what it is that draws me to him.

The sound of his voice as he placed his order was not disagreeable, yet I begin to feel an undercurrent of revulsion in this strange attraction he is exerting on me. Why? What could possibly make me feel uneasy? I order another drink and surreptitiously study the stranger, trying to discern the cause of my growing unease.

Drawn by an exciting sense of strangeness, and simultaneously repulsed by some unexplainable loathing, my emotions cycle uncontrollably.

His eyes are a cool neutral gray – nothing remarkable or distasteful in them. None of his facial features are out of the norm. Ears not too big, or small, same with his nose. Granted his complexion is too pale and pink for my taste, but within acceptable norms. Still I feel my gorge rising.

Something about him repulses me more and more, so much so that I’m losing interest in my drink. What is it? Why am I finding him so sickening and offensive? Our eyes meet as he raises his drink to his oh so normal lips.

Like a lightning strike to my heart and brain I see IT! No! It cannot be! Surely I cannot see what my eyes behold. This aberration was genetically excised from our world generations ago. Ruled by the wise leaders of long ago to be unacceptable, our world ruthlessly weeded out the genes that caused it. None of his kind has been seen for over 100 years. Yet there he is, holding his nauseatingly hideous deformity in plain sight. I try and try to pull my eyes away and fail.

At last I stagger out of my booth towards the exit trying not to vomit. Yet I still see it in my mind’s eye… the beast is right handed!

Hopefully this is a fictional-never-to-be real story. But with today’s increasingly politically correct movement who knows? Informed and educated citizens need to understand that the term “politically correct” does not mean it is reasonable, logical or supportive of the basic freedoms the founders of our great nation gave us. Politically correct basically means that each of us must be submissive to our social and economic overlords.

We are to become their slaves.

Farfetched? Think about how much control we lost over our lives as a result of the Covid Panic. Government at the federal level, including a large number of states, seized power and instituted control over our lives in ways that have never before been seen in this nation. Not even in World War II did the federal government, much less state entities; grab such control over us.

The sad thing is that most of us buckled and submitted to the control that fear of the unknown generated. Now that things are settling down and the truth is being learned we are finding that a large number of the things we were forced to do accomplished little or nothing to stem the spread of Covid. But it gave more power to a more centralized government, all without the legal consent of the governed. We fought a war with Great Britain to eliminate that sort of control. I pray we do not have to fight a war with our own government in order to regain our Constitutionally guaranteed rights.

The federal government seized powers and controls over states and communities that are NOT granted to it in the Constitution of the United States. Two amendments to the Constitution come to mind as having been violated by the federal government. Amendment 9: The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. Amendment 10: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Virtually every move of the federal government in this so-called crisis violated these two amendments. Yet few were aware of these violations because few even know the Constitution of the United States. We simply rolled over, cowed by fear. You figure it out and decide what needs to be done. It is your and your children’s future that is at stake.


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