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By David Bryan
Guest Columnist 

Discrimination Against White People


January 26, 2022 | View PDF

Did you know that if you are a white person that you are currently being discriminated against and punished for what other white people did in the past? 

The current powers that be and the world health organizations are putting white people on the bottom of the list for federal benefits and medical care simply on the basis of their color; regardless of their health conditions and American citizenship. 

Non-whites and illegal immigrants are getting benefits and medical assistance before and often to the neglect of white citizens. Vaccines and COVID treatments are given to non-whites simply on the basis of color not their health.

Left wing politicians and liberal media sources will deny this, but it is true!  I was born an American citizen and have never been racist nor treated anyone badly on the basis of color or race. Why should I be discriminated against or punished for what people did in the past? 

Reverse discrimination is discrimination too and in my book, worse than discrimination because you are being discriminated for things you haven’t done.  I’m not advocating racism here but all-around equality regardless of race and color.  What is going on here is just another one of the leftist’s illegal and immoral gimmicks to control the lives of all American citizens.


Reader Comments(2)

Putzy writes:

I am 75, I was bused across St. Louis to go to an all black school. Yes, I am white. My ancestors are from India, we weren't in America. The war was to try and unite all states, slavery became part of the reason, they were the South's economy. Prove you are of slave ancestors, but why must anyone give to them, the Indians were here 1st and horribly treated by black and white. Blacks fought fir the North and killed Indians and were not innocent of the treatment of whites. So much more. Angry

JaneAScott writes:

Source please. And I mean hard news, not debunked evening cable commentators.


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