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By Mike Sunderland
Thoughts from a Grey-haired Point of View 

Library Jabberwocky Guide


February 2, 2022 | View PDF

After some diligent investigation over a rather short period of time (I’m trying to emulate a federal in depth investigation) I have researched and assembled a somewhat limited dictionary of liberal verbiage, also known as jabberwocky.

The first recorded use of jabberwocky was by Lewis Carrol in 1872. Since then the proliferation of the technique of jabberwocking has been expanded and refined. In modern times the usage of jabberwocky has been taken to new heights1 of wocking2 by liberal politicians and their media cohorts. (See list of synonyms at bottom of Guide.)

Apology for American Arrogance: A display of total ignorance (or more likely, a deliberate distortion and obfuscation) of America’s history of unstinting and unselfish sacrifice to save the Free World from brutal tyrannies in two world wars, America’s aid to a multitude of countries and nations to rebuild after those wars, and her continuing out pouring of aid and support to anyone and everyone who has been struck by a natural disaster.

By making such an apology our government leaders seek to placate those whose sole desire is to destroy us, i.e. a coward’s way out of making tough choices.

Apology for America’s Founding: See above and add in Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project. Also known as out right and total lying through their teeth, which they can get away with because factual American history is rarely taught these days.

Climate Change: Liberal jabberwocky for “We know more than you do about just about everything and we refuse to believe any facts that might disprove our belief that the world is in danger of eminent destruction at the hands of mankind. Therefore, we must have total control of all means of production, consumption and lifestyle, cradle to the grave, or else you all gonna die, sucka!” Also a mantra chanted by liberals when all else fails to bring about their program of social and government change.

Exit Strategy: A carefully (Ha! Ha!) thought out way of surrendering to an enemy and blaming it on events and people outside of your control, also known as CYA (Cover Your a--).

National Security: This used to mean anything that affects the safety and well being of the citizens of the United States. Normally included were the military, intelligence agencies, health of the economy, and the safety of citizens at home and abroad.

Today national security is used as a cover to conceal anything certain government leaders do not want the tax paying voters to know, i.e. another form of CYA. (Also includes unlawful and unconstitutional snooping into your private and financial affairs by the Internal Revenue Service, F.B.I., N.S.A., etc.

Politically Correct: Perfectly acceptable verbiage for condemning anyone who disagrees with a liberal. Automatically puts opponents on the defensive and allows a morally corrupt and ethically erroneous lifestyle to take the high ground in any discussion. Also allows a liberal government to assume additional control of citizens’ private lives.

Stimulus Package: A way of screwing every wage earner in the nation without using safe sex practices. A method of gaining control of the means of production and controlling the work force, a.k.a. socialism, and the beginning of a totalitarian government without the general public being aware of what is being done to them. The only ones being “stimulated” are the radical members of our government.

Washington Press Conference: Government and liberal media method of feeding lies and pap to a pre-programmed audience. A method of packaging the boring repetition of the same old tired phrases and lies to listeners (press corps and media audience) in such a way that they are not aware of it.

Jabberwocky Synonyms: Nonsensical or unintelligible talk, double talk, gibberish, backwards double talk, mumbo jumbo, prattle, twaddle, incessant and inconsequential speech, and babble. President Biden has raised jabberwocking to a new high (or is to a new low?!?!)

This researcher welcomes assistance in expanding the Liberal Jabberwocky lexicon. I realize that liberal writers and speakers frequently change the definitions and applications of their verbiage. We can but try to make some kind of sense out of it.

---------Foot Notes---------

1Can also be read as depths.

2Wocking: The verbalization (i.e. spoken words as opposed to written jabberwocking. Printed versions of jabberwocking can be found in every “woke” left-wing newspaper, magazine, pamphlet and books of all sorts.


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