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By David Bryan
Guest Columnist 

Put An End to War


In 1971, John Denver wrote a peace poem and sang a song that began like this: "Last night, I had the strangest dream I never dreamed before. I dreamed the world had all agreed to put an end to war..." If he was still living today, this song would hopefully be his number one hit. Among other vocal artists back then, John was a strong advocate for peace. We need more men and women today like John Denver. We need to put an end to wars like the one that is now going on in Ukraine. No nation should be the subject of senseless destruction of property, unnecessary pain and death to its citizens and forced surrender to a power hungry tyrant. Whether that nation is or is not a member of NATO or some other alliance, it should be aided and supported by all peace loving people of the world. History has repeatedly allowed nations like Russia and China and tyrants like Putin to inflict themselves upon the rest of the world. This vicious cycle will continue unless the world stands up united against these enemies of peace. The threat of nuclear warfare has been made by Putin, not only against Ukraine but the whole world. Once the first nuclear missile is fired, there will be no turning back. Death and destruction will be unleashed like we never have seen before. Putin has already used cyber attacks and military attacks; will his next attack be nuclear? This will not be WW3, it will be the "end of all world wars." I have always been a pacifist at heart; in 1971 I enlisted in the army, during the VietNam war. I was not involved in that war, but was sent to Turkey shortly before and during the Cyprus conflict. The threat of war between Greece and Turkey was declared and our army unit was in between these two opposing nations. I sat in my apartment (a mile from the Istanbul airport) with my wife for several months by candlelight because blackouts were enforced. I never knew if I would have to use a weapon to protect my wife and I and by the grace of God, I did not have to. I have never aimed a weapon or fired one at anyone and I pray that I will not have to. Why can't we just live in peace?


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