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One Person Can Make a Difference


March 23, 2022 | View PDF

From the Publisher's Desk

To sound like a moment in Dr. Seuss land, it happened without warning or prompting. It happened without need or greed. It happened to warm one person's heart, which lead to another, and another until the chain could be seen to the entrance of “WhoVille.”

Friday, March 18, started like any other day. The workforce went to their respective time clocks, travelers headed to their destinations. All was as it should be until, one person offered a moment of kindness to a stranger at a local restaurant.

Dairy Queen managers Eric and Molly Packer reported a very unique but heartwarming event as Molly was managing the lunch rush.

“It all started with a gentleman paying for a lady behind him,” she said.

And so it started.

The goodness expressed by one person encouraged the next to likewise until the restaurant staff were witnessing a phenomenon too many of us have thought has disappeared.

It is not unusual for the pay-it-forward motion to happen in short segments, at Dairy Queen or at any other restaurant. A mystery diner pays for a neighboring table or buys a family dessert, or someone shows up at a coffee house without his wallet and an acquaintance purchases his drink.

This, however, was different. This is “make a change” in motion. It shows what can happen when one person chooses to disrupt another person's day with kindness. It isn't about the money spent, although clearly each person was blessed by the generosity. It is about giving a person you may not know a reason to smile.

We are in some very challenging times. Locally, adjusting to the ever-changing landscape of employers to the announcement of a virus, its impact on the economy and now rising prices and shortages. Those are reasons for tension to increase and tempers to flare. It is also reason to share a smile, giving people motivation to look beyond what they see.

The Dairy Queen experience is not unique to Dairy Queen. It could happen in a grocery store, at your favorite cafe, or any of the other drive-through businesses. It starts with a choice, the choice of taking a chance of anonymously making someone's day.

We encourage the Cheyenne County community to watch for opportunities to be the unexpected blessing, to those you know and those you don't. Even the largest fire starts with a single match.


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