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By Dan Carlson
Prairie Ponderings 

Farewell, For Now


April 20, 2022 | View PDF

This will be my last column in the Sidney Sun-Telegraph for a while.

Next week my wife and I will close the sale of our farm near Gurley, and we’ll be off to a new beginning in Belle Fourche, S.D., where I will become pastor of the Christian Life Center. It’s going to be necessary to focus my attentions on the move, my family, and my new job until at least June of this year.

I’ll then reach out to the editor and we’ll discuss whether a return to these pages will be possible.

I wrote my first column for this paper on October 18, 2019. It’s hard to believe that was more than three years and 150 columns ago. We’ve covered a lot of topics in that time with my writing deemed of value by most of you, our readers. There was one attempt to have my opinions removed from these pages, but it was soundly squashed by a tidal wave of support.

Some erroneously refer to me as a conservative or a republican. I don’t identify as either. Nor do I identify with any other political party or persuasion.

I’m motivated by pursuit of truth and, if truth happens to line up with any existing political narrative, so be it. I do have much I’d still like to share with you, but space is limited. So I’ll leave you with some nuggets of undeniable truth I wasn’t able to cover in depth with you.

Climate change is real and happening. Always has been, always will be. But attempts to say it is all the result of human activity are foolish and arrogant. Yes, some regional climatic changes are likely caused by humans, but weather and climate cannot be addressed on a global scale. Northern and Southern Hemisphere atmospheres don’t seamlessly interact. Most of the planet is water where no humans dwell in large numbers. Yet we know the oceans are huge drivers of climate change. You’ll know to take climate change seriously when those advocating for a global response evacuate their multi-million dollar seaside mansions, banks cease financing real estate and construction within 20 miles of the coasts, and insurance companies stop insuring coastal properties.

There are two genders. Male and female. That’s the way God set it up, and that’s the way it works in nature. We teach evolution in our classrooms, and evolution is supposed to be the passing on of genetic material for the survival of the species. Think about that.

God is real. He loves you and desires to be part of your life. He became a mortal, lived among us to show us how to live, then gave up that perfect life to settle the eternal accounts of our souls and give us the choice of eternity in heaven. I know this to be as true and real as the sun setting in the west tonight and rising in the east tomorrow. God walks beside me in life, we talk as easily as I can talk with you, and my hope is you will also experience what it’s like to have a real, active and personal relationship with the Almighty. If you don’t have this and want it, reach out to me.

Alas, I’m out of space already. May God bless and keep you until we meet again. Farewell, for now.


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